Glasses Cover

Glasses Cover

Protect against accidental damage from just £15 annually*

Accidental damage, no problem. 

Your glasses are important to your everyday life, helping you drive, read and watch TV. And with the average cost of replacement or repair £150 or more*, it’s a good idea to get them protected, just in case. With prices starting from just £15 annually**, what are you waiting for?

Boots glasses cover gives you one year’s protection from accidental damage for only:
£15 - for glasses up to £200*
£25 - for glasses up to £300*
£35 - for glasses over £300*

Benefits of glasses cover

Think glasses cover is just another cost? There are a number of benefits to bring you peace of mind and save you money in the long-run if you accidentally damage your pair. 

Accidental damage, no problem
Make one easy payment

If you damage or break your glasses by accident, just return them to your local Boots Optician for a free repair or replacement.

There’s no excess to pay when you make a claim, unlike with many home insurance policies.

Get unlimited repairs or replacements
Go to any Boots Opticians

You’re covered for unlimited repairs and replacements for accidental damage for a year from the date you collect your glasses.

Any Boots Opticians in the UK can arrange repairs or replacements for you.

Your money-back guarantee

We’ll refund your premium if you’re not happy. Just go back to the Boots Opticians store that arranged your policy within 14 days, taking your till receipt, and we’ll refund your money.

To see the full details of your glasses cover, view our Insurance Product Information Document.

Looking after your glasses

Even with glasses cover, it's still important to look after your glasses. Read our top tips for keeping them in pristine condition.

  • Pop your glasses in a protective case when you’re not wearing them to prevent damage.
  • Remove your glasses with your hands either side of the frame so they stay the right shape for your face.
  • Always place your glasses face up when you remove them to keep your lenses scratch-free.
  • Keep your glasses out of direct sunlight ie. on a car dashboard, as it can cause damage such as discolouration.
  • Clean your glasses regularly with an approved cloth or recommended Boots cleaning materials to get the best possible vision (household detergents and washing up liquid could damage your lenses and remove reflection-free coatings).
  • Always remove your glasses when spraying hairspray, perfume or other aerosols to prevent marks on your lenses.

Demands and needs statement

Do you require insurance against accidental damage to your new Boots glasses?

This policy meets the demands and needs of a customer who is a resident of the United Kingdom or Channel Islands and requires insurance cover against accidental damage to their glasses that they purchased from Boots Opticians Professional Services Limited. Your glasses may be covered under another policy you have, for example under your home insurance. Please ensure that you do not have equivalent cover elsewhere prior to purchasing this policy.

*We regularly track the average order value of our customer’s glasses so this figure can be substantiated. 
**Price of policy is determined by the value of a single pair of glasses (frames and lenses) or the value of two pairs of glasses purchased at the same time. Each policy is limited to two pairs of glasses.