Nuby Nuby Double Digital Electric Breast Pump

You spoke...we listened...& the Double Digital Electric Breast Pump was born (ta dah!). It’s extra high-tech, extra gentle & easy to use, whatever size your boobs are. Phew!
This double pump encourages milk let down & mimics baby’s feeding action by drawing from the breast (yay!) instead of squeezing the nipple (ouch ouch ouch!). It's like the VIP of Breast Pumps giving you more milk in less time.

With 1-9 levels of adjustment in stimulation mode & 1-9 levels in expression mode you can sit back, (try to) relax & be assured your boobs are in good hands...well pumps...!
The slick touch screen display allows you to see how long you've been using it for, easily adjust the levels & see clearly what you're doing when you're up in the middle of the night (who wants big lights on when you're half asleep...not us anyway!)

Perfect for expressing at home & on the move with a small rechargeable li-ion battery that lasts up to 3 hours, this is the double pump of dreams that's not only super quiet vs. other pumps but is really comfy too with soft-silicone shields.

Key Features