Mini Smart Body Scale with Bluetooth connection to analyze body composition through
9 detailed biometrics. A true health companion, MINIMI provides advice in the App to help you improve!

Understand your body and see for yourself that weight isn’t the only factor you should focus on. From what we eat, how often we drink to how we exercise, everything is interrelated. To help you follow a healthy lifestyle, the Noerden Minimi smart body scales measure 9 detailed data biometrics to analyse body composition, which include: Weight, BMI, BMR, Muscle Mass, Hydration, Visceral Fat, Bone Density, Metabolic Age and Body Fat. The Noerden Minimi scales are smaller than a laptop and the minimalist glass design with invisible LED screen will fit your interior with style and discretion. 

The latest bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology measures your biometrics through 4 precision sensors and the scales which are automatically synchronised with the Noerden app, sends the data via Bluetooth with detailed data reports and clear trend graphics. The user friendly Noerden App with great UI and UX is a true health companion as it provides dedicated tips, advice, explanations and understandable graphs & data to help you improve, plus it has unlimited users and syncs to Apple Health & Google Fit. 

Further features include: Invisible LED digital screen, bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology, unlimited users, personal profile & goals achievement tracking, a great UX and UI experience that is in constant improvement to give more and more advice and data to the users, data tracking, trend graphics & history and syncs to apple health, hydration reminders, temperature range indicator, touch responsive smart lid with built in UV-C light, LED indicator and lid opening detector.***iOS 12 & Android 6.0 or above required for the Noerden App