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Nicotinell is a nicotine replacement therapy brand that looks to support people on their quit smoking journey. We know that quitting smoking is tough and that it can be overwhelming, but the benefits of stopping make every step worthwhile. Saving money, improving your health and having more time to do things that you love with people you love is just the beginning. Everybody’s journey is different; whether your goal is to stop smoking altogether or gradually cut down on the amount that you smoke, we aim to help you on this journey. Each of our products help to reduce the cravings that you may experience during your quit. Nicotinell helps to relieve five withdrawal symptoms: cravings, irritability, anxiety, restlessness and frustration. When used as instructed, our products will give you smaller and smaller doses of nicotine over time, so you more easily fight through withdrawal and help control your cravings. In fact, when used as directed, our products can double your chances of quitting successfully versus willpower alone.

The Nicotinell product range includes TTS patch, medicated chewing gum and lozenge. Stop smoking aid. Requires willpower. Contains nicotine. Always read the label.

*Nielsen Scantrack Data Total Coverage GB, Volume Sales, MAT to 13.07.19. Visit for claim verification.

**Versus willpower alone.