Men-U Italy, where they supply the traditional barbiere (barber) is a great source for the finest shaving brushes. Made from boar bristles (boar offers greatest resistance and is superior at lifting the beard for a closer cut) this is a great introductory shaving brush. The bristles have to be a balance between the right degree of resistance and softness, with the ability to raise the beard and generate a fine, rich lather. Also extremely important is a stand for the brush as the bristles should always dry down and not up to the handle. This is more hygienic and helps prevent the bristles falling out. Always dry your brush by hanging on the stand provided.

Comes with own stand and FREE Shave Crème buddy tube 15ml (up to 20 shaves!)

Why use a shaving brush?
A shaving brush is one of the best tools to achieve a smooth, close shave.
• Used by top barbers to facilitate the optimum shave
• A good shaving brush lifts the beard away from the face, generates a fine, rich, creamy lather without too much aeration and helps remove dead skin cells, making a close shave easier. Only the shave crème in contact with skin and beard matters, all else is wasted!
• A good brush is essential: the bristles have to be the right balance between resistance to lift the beard and softness to generate a fine, rich creamy lather
• Shaving Stand: Drying the brush on the stand is the most hygienic and helps prolong the life of the bristles
• Italy is a great source for the finest shaving brushes, where they have the traditional barbiere (barber)