A drop magnifying the beauty of nature

A Drop d’Issey, Issey Miyake’s new Eau de Parfum for women, is an invitation to see the world in a new way and discover the beauty and poetry hidden in nature.

Solar lilac enlightened by a musky signature

One of perfumery’s most mysterious flowers, lilac doesn’t given up its secrets easily. An uncatchable flower, this fragrance reimagines this exquisite note in its most natural state.

Solar Lilac

The enveloping fragrance of solar lilac.

Musky Accord

The base notes round out the fragrance with a musky accord.

Almond Milk

Hints of almond milk accord and orange blossom flower.

The bottle

Combining the simplicity of a perfect circle with the transparency of five percent recycled glass, the drop-shaped bottle is designed to be laid flat. On the box, a gleaming mirror lens creates a ‘fish eye’ distortion, inviting us to see differently and open our mind to new perspectives. Experience the enlarging and distorting optical effect of a magnifying glass.

When nature inspires you

Enigmatic and surprising, nature conceals the treasures invisible to the naked eye. A Drop d’Issey perfume invites you to take a fresh look at the beauty of nature, revealing a hidden poetic universe in which a drop is not just a drop but a gate to the unseen. Like a mirror or a magnifying glass, it stirs our imagination to marvel at the world beyond our vision. Clinging to a lilac blossom playing hide and seek, the drop reveals a butterfly nestling in its heart, magnifying the unsuspected beauty of nature.