Protect your brunette colour & keep brittleness at bay with our haircare top tips

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Whether you choose to embrace your naturally dark tones or dye it to achieve your brunette mane of dreams, one thing is certain, you’ll need to treat your tresses to keep your hair in tip top shape. 

You no longer have to worry about maintaining your luscious locks as you’ll be pleased to know enhancing your brunette colour is easy – it even requires fewer products than you might think! Perfecting your haircare routine with a blue shampoo, conditioner and nourishing hair treatment are just a small taste of what you can to do.

So, if your hair needs repair, we’ve got you. Aussie are here to throw you a lifeline with their selection of goodies to give you head-turning hair day after day. Without further ado, lets unravel our mane recipes for success. Calling all brunettes – it’s time to solemnly swear to healthy hair.

How do I take care of brunette hair?
Tip 1 – Take a break from heat styling

It’s no secret that excessive heat styling can cause damage to your hair. So, does this mean you have to give up heat styling altogether? Of course not. However, it helps to take a break from time to time. There are plenty of other ways you can add texture to your hair, like using a hair mousse. The best part? You can enhance your brunette beauty without making those terrific tresses dry and brittle.

Tip 2 – Keep colouring as low-maintenance as possible

Do you dye your hair? Next time you take a trip to the salon it might be worth doing some research. There are plenty of gorgeous brunette shades out there and choosing one that is low-maintenance will minimise your number of treatments. Not only will this help you preserve your hair’s hydration, but it will also take away the burden of awkward roots.

Tip 3 – Protect your hair from the sun

The sun may look bright and lovely but much like our skin, exposure can cause damage to our hair too. Brunette hair can turn brassier and orange in tone because of the sun. Hair masks and nourishing conditioners are great for protection to help you overcome this issue.

Tips 4 – Get a regular trim

Do you keep missing your hair appointments? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Try and make rearranging a priority. Trimming your hair regularly not only encourages growth but helps it maintain a healthy look and feel. Those broken and split ends will soon be a thing of the past and you’ll have a healthy head of hair you’re proud to show off.

Tip 5 – Perfect your haircare routine with the right products

Finding the right products is an effective way to bring your brunette back to life. Not only can it enhance the colour of dark and light brunette hair but it can also keep unwanted shades at bay. All you need is three essentials: shampoo, conditioner and a treatment. If you’re struggling to find the perfect products, Aussie have just the routine you need to get started…

Brunette hair SOS? Allow Aussie to lend a helping hand with their range of haircare heroes
The shampoo saviour

Try: Aussie SOS Brunette Shampoo

• Size: 290ml

• Vegan-friendly formula

Struggling to keep brassy tones and unwanted shades at bay? Help maintain the vibrancy of dark or light brunette hair with this kick (br)ass blue shampoo. Infused with nourishing Australian superfoods, it’s the mane event when it comes to added hydration.

Massage this shampoo staple onto wet hair and leave for a few minutes – we recommend a quick sing-along in the shower to help pass the time. Then, rinse thoroughly.


“Great product for all brunettes. It smells lovely, nourishes and hydrates my hair and what’s more, it's vegan and made of natural ingredients. Surely worth to try.”

MariaG* ( customer review)

The caring conditioner

Try: Aussie SOS Brunette Conditioner

• Size: 200ml

• Vegan-friendly formula

Are your locks lacking hydration? Give them a gulp of the good stuff with this hydrating hero. Lightweight, moisturising and with a smell that’s downright delicious, this conditioner will give you swish-worthy hair in just one wash. Come morning, your hair will look vibrant and feel smooth to the touch.

Follow on from your shampoo with this conditioner. Squeeze, massage and rinse – it really is that easy!


“Gorgeous smell and as always with Aussie products the quality of ingredients really shows when you wash and then style your hair.”

Chrissy* ( customer review)

The multi-tasking miracle

Try: Aussie SOS Brunette 3 Minute Miracle Treatment

• Size: 225ml

• Vegan-friendly formula

Love is in the repair with this miraculous deep treatment hair mask. Nourish, add vibrancy and enhance hydration whenever you feel like your tresses need some TLC. Dry and dull brunette hair? That’ll soon be a distant memory with this wholesome blend of superfood goodness.

After using your conditioner, squeeze a generous dollop of the product through wet hair. Leave for, you guessed it, three minutes before rinsing.


“This smells incredible and works wonders, I’ve not had any frizz, split ends or breaking since I’ve used it. I recommend 100%.”

Claire* ( customer review)