From scalp massage to prewash treatments, ARKIVE founder Adam Reed shares his top tips for making the most out of hair wash day 

This article is in partnership with ARKIVE

Hair wash day. It needn’t (and shouldn’t) be a chore. Whether you’re boasting a full head of bouncing curls, or prefer the sleek and straight style, there’s a product and technique for you. Better yet, we’re all about going beyond a basic wash and go philosophy. Instead, we’re championing the joy of indulging in some proper self-care. So, who better to speak to other than Adam Reed, celebrity hairdresser and founder of ARKIVE, a brand that aims to switch up the mundanity of washing your hair.

Here are his top tips for turning your hair wash into the ultimate self-care ritual, whether you’re looking to master a relaxing scalp massage (yes, please) or for top techniques to achieve a glossier and healthier head of hair. 

Set the mood 

‘The best way to start introducing hair washing as a ritual is to remove the mundanity of your haircare routine,’ suggests Adam. ‘Instead, be careful to ritualise the whole act, creating a beauty sanctuary in the process via luxurious scents, textures and techniques.’ 

Start at the root. ‘Begin by thinking about scalp care,’ Adam recommends. ‘It’s essential for skin and hair health and acts as a great way to introduce elements of self-care into your daily routine.’ Looking to detangle? Try adopting a multi-pronged (or rather, multi-tooled) approach to brush off knots and stress before getting strands wet. ‘There’s a lot of talk about double brushing, which is incredibly relaxing,’ says Adam. ‘This is where you use two different brushes in unison, stimulating the relaxation receptors on the head. The act of pulling the natural oils through the hair is amazing for aiding shine and scalp exfoliation.’ 

Next, try a pre-shampoo – a great add-on for keeping ends soft and supple. ‘I’d always start by indulging in a prewash treatment, such as ARKIVE The Good Habit Hybrid Oil, which contains a nourishing infusion of baobab and jojoba oils, and is suited to all hair types and textures,’ says Adam. 

Indulge in scalp massage

Is the scalp massage anyone else’s favourite part of a cut and blow dry? It’s blissful and the good news is you can reap the benefits from the comfort of your own home. 

How can we get the most out of the technique? ‘Start by massaging your fingertips across the head, then move onto kneading movements. Use firm, circular motions over the scalp to help alleviate tension and stress, and combine with ARKIVE The Crown Scalp Scrub for the ultimate treat. Try out these techniques in a sequence over your head – twice for a short massage, four times for extra care or six times for a deep relaxation. Pay extra attention to the temples, crown, occipital, nape and ears.’

Sounds pretty dreamy to us…

Enjoy some TLC

We’re definitely guilty of hurtling through our hair wash – and we’re not the only ones.  ‘A lot of people rush their shampooing, meaning they’re not actually cleansing the hair properly,’ says Adam. ‘I always say shampooing twice is ideal for breaking down build up and cleaning the hair thoroughly.’ 

And although it may sound a bit weird, it turns out you can also try shampooing your hair when it’s dry. ‘Simply massage ARKIVE The All Day Everyday Shampoo through your hair, then use water to emulsify – any heavy grease will be broken down before your second cleanse, and it’s super gentle on colour-treated hair.’

And when it comes to conditioning? Again, how you do it is key. ‘I recommend applying a small amount of ARKIVE The Future Youth Treatment Mask to a wide-toothed brush or comb, before distributing it through the hair,’ says Adam. ‘This mask is amazing for detangling and replenishing, thanks to coconut oil and shea butter, while the technique ensures you won’t use too much product.’ 

Soak up the scent

There’s something transportative about fragrance. It’s that extra something special that can elevate both mood and spirit. ‘Scent is such an important part of beauty, and is also hugely evocative for the senses – it makes us feel good,’ says Adam. ‘It was one of the first elements for ARKIVE that I recognised as being totally universal. It’s not defined by ethnicity, hair type or age, so the fragrance had to appeal to everybody. Taking a second to enjoy the fine fragrances in your shampoo and conditioner is good for the soul.’ 

Not yet familiar with the scents ARKIVE offers? Consider this your cue. ‘We have beautifully uplifting top notes of iris, rhubarb, tomato leaf and honeysuckle with warming heart notes of palo santo, vetiver and white musk,’ says Adam. ‘ARKIVE The All Day Everyday Conditioner smells incredible, and it’s ideal for enhancing natural curl patterns. My whole range works to create a beautiful veil of fragrance throughout your hair, leaving you smelling amazing and feeling even better.’

The finishing touches

While it might initially bring you out in goosebumps, Adam champions the power of a cold rinse. ‘It wakes up the mind and body. Just a burst of cold water at the end of your shower can help hair shine,’ he says.

And turns out he’s all about taking the ritual full circle. 

‘It’s also a great tip to finish your routine where you started – with a great hair oil. Again, I’m reaching for ARKIVE The Good Habit Hybrid Oil, because it’s so multifunctional and ideal for everyone, but especially for dry hair. It’s conditioning, moisturising, protecting and smoothing – I could go on.’ 

The key is getting used to what works for you. ‘Don’t be put off if you put too much on first, it’s about getting the right balance, which might take time to find – just like with skincare,’ says Adam. ‘Thicker, coarser hair can use more than those with finer hair. Again, don’t be afraid to experiment – it’s part of the fun and joy of taking your hair from a basic wash to a full-on ritual.’

Gorgeous hair and a relaxed mind? Count us in.