From the skincare ingredients worth the hype to Barbie & Wednesday Addams-inspired beauty, here are the new brands & products set to dominate the year ahead.

Beauty buff? We’ve got great news. 2023 is shaping up to be one heck of a year thanks to an exciting list of launches and new innovations in skin, hair and make-up. We’re talking about the latest buzz ingredients (that actually live up to the hype), formulations that’ll appeal to your inner ‘skin-tellectual’ and ways to cut back costs – without cutting corners.

Over the past year, we've added a whopping 20 new beauty brands to our beauty halls including Armani Beauty, Elemis, Ren Skincare, Mario Badescu, Cloud Nine, Shark and 17. – as well as additions to our budget-friendly Boots Everyday Essentials label to make sure your cart will always be filled with the latest and greatest buys, whatever your funds, in these cost-pressured times.

So, what looks and launches are set to be huge this year? Here, we bring you the 2023 Boots beauty trends report, jam-packed with our predictions for the next 12 months. From Y2K-inspired cosmetics to innovative haircare tailored to you, Barbie-core pops of colour to glow-boosting quick fixes, there’s bags of ideas to satiate your brilliant beauty tastes this year and beyond.

What’s going to go viral

There’s no denying that social media, and in particular TikTok, is a major player in shaping the landscape of the beauty industry.

"Sometimes the effects are short-lived with just a momentary jump in searches or spike in sales, but others are the product of a much bigger cultural shift," says Grace Vernon, head of global trends & cultural insights, Boots & No7 Beauty Company. "We’ve predicted some emerging trends we think have the potential to stand the test of time and shift from micro to macro."

Make-up looks set to receive the most interesting of makeovers. Whether it’s a nod to Y2K nostalgia through iridescent, frosted eyes and glossy lips, (think early 00s Christina Aguilera, J.Lo and Britney) or Bridgerton-esque hyper-feminine ‘coquette aesthetic’, (where we’ll be reaching for wispy lashes and luxurious blush balms), there’s something for everyone. 

Edgy and dopamine brights like turquoise are also set to make a splash. You can channel your inner Wednesday Addams with the revival of dark, grungey make-up, or pop with Barbie-core beauty (hot pink everything thanks to the much-anticipated Barbie film with Margot Robbie). 2023 is all about embracing all parts of the beauty rainbow.

Science of skin

‘Skin-tellectualism’ will reign supreme in 2023 thanks to products that look to nourish and protect, a focus on the skin barrier and a diverse representation of what ‘good skin’ really looks like. No retouching here (much like our Health & Beauty magazine cover and shoots).

While the most-searched ingredients on in 2022 were retinol, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid (and will continue to be firm skincare staples), peptides are set to reach cult status in 2023.

A woman with glowing skin, smiling and holding her hands up to her cheeks

Searches for the ingredient are up 36% on and the arrival of a variety of new peptide products (from Boots Ingredients’ Peptide Serum later this year to The Ordinary’s new Multi Peptide Eye Serum), the buzz around them is only going to get bigger.

And that’s not all. We’ll also be stocking up on formulations containing everything from ceramides to niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to help tackle the effects of environmental aggressors and air pollution. Perfectly timed then, is the latest brand to have landed at Boots, Grown Alchemist. Try their Detox Serum to help support skin’s defences and give dullness the boot.

Glow-boosting shortcuts

It comes as no surprise that glowing, gorgeous skin is high on our beauty wishlist in 2023. We’re after an elusive lit-from-within luminosity that exudes confidence, optimism and positivity. And with customers moving away from thick contours and extreme bronzing, there’s a push towards something that feels a little more subtle – think a lightweight, glossy glow that new brands like Filter by Molly-Mae and products like No7 Lift & Luminate Serum Concealer can help you achieve.

And who could forget the push for at-home facials? A great way to save money and achieve salon-worthy results (with the right products of course), it’s no wonder the hashtag #athomefacial has gained over 58.5m views on TikTok in the last 12 months alone.

Want a quick radiance boost? "My top tip is to incorporate a trusty vitamin C serum into your regime," says Hannah Stern, Boots beauty trainer. Try the new Boots Vitamin C Pro Brightening Booster Serum for a bank balance-friendly dose.

More of us are looking to get our glow from the inside, too, with searches for ‘beauty vitamins’ up by 2170% on Everyone’s needs are different though and finding the right ones for our health and lifestyle can be tricky. To help take some of the guesswork out, check out our Vitamins Quiz, designed to help you find a personalised and balanced vitamin bundle that’s right for you*.

Cost-savvy beauty

If you’re feeling the pinch at the moment, know that you’re not alone. There’s a reason why the hashtag #budgetbeauty has received over 200 million views on TikTok.

“Now more than ever, it’s so important for our customers to be confident that they’re spending their beauty budget on choices that really deliver for them,” says Alice Rafferty, head of premium beauty and fragrance.

Two women with glowing skin

“In 2022, ‘Price Advantage’ (where Boots Advantage Card holders** get access to lower prices) ranked as the top search term on, and we’re thrilled to be able to introduce even more deals for 2023 with over 1,300 offers and promotions available each month.”

2023 is also bringing with it less wasteful consumption of beauty, with many seeking out hyper-personalised beauty recommendations and multifunctional products to help cut down on costs. Enter the Boots online Skin Analysis Tool, a clever helping hand that uses AI technology to bring you brand-neutral skincare recommendations from over 25,000 products in under two minutes.

‘Skintellectual’ haircare

Lush locks are definitely high on our radar this year, with searches for ‘haircare’ on up 1,146% and ‘shampoo’ being the second most searched term on the whole of in 2022.

It’s more than mastering the basics though. We’re also looking to take our haircare routine to the next level. Think enhancing our wash-day routine by investing in advanced styling tools and products to personalise our regimes like pre-wash treatments, bond builders and co-washes.

To care from root to tip, the ‘skin-ification’ of haircare continues to evolve. “People are taking the knowledge they have gained in their skincare regimes and enhancing their approach to haircare too, from ingredients to formats to techniques,” says Grace Vernon.

Think brands like The Ordinary and Vichy Dercos, who are creating formulas infused with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to bring scalp care front and centre. And not forgetting Function of Beauty either – a fully customisable haircare range that allows customers to create their own bespoke formulas suited to their unique hair type and goals.

Hybrid shopping

Much like we’ve embraced hybrid working, a hybrid high street is the way forward with beauty spend in-store at Boots almost matching pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022.

So if you’re looking for the convenience of online shopping ( #TikTokmademebuyit) and the ‘beauty playground’ that comes with the in-person experience, we can help bridge the gap thanks to some handy in-store and at-home tech.

In store? Try our QR codes that can link you up to a realm of inspirational digital content while you shop. At home? Why not take advantage of the expansion of our partnerships with Deliveroo and UberEats. Offering super speedy door-to-door delivery of over 750 health and beauty lines in just minutes, your beauty fix is just a few taps away.

You’ll also find a range of online tools to help bring in-store advice to the comfort of your own home. Check out our Fragrance Finder, Skin Analysis Tool and Boots Online Doctor Service for specialist skincare advice.

What’s more, No7’s set to make its debut in the spring with a TikTok shop. Watch this space!

*Food supplements do not replace the need for a healthy balanced and varied diet.
**Customers must be logged into a (or account) to be able to receive the offer.