Health Screening at Boots

Who is eligible for a...

Free Health MOT?

The Health MOT at Boots is a FREE service, for people aged 40 or over, who live in England and do not have a previous diagnosis of high blood pressure. If you're under 40, you may be eligible if your GP has referred you to have a blood pressure check or if you have a recognised family history of hypertension (at the pharmacist's discretion).

There are thought to be around 5 million adults in the UK who have high blood pressure without being aware; so it's important to keep an eye on your health and get your blood pressure checked.

What’s involved in the Health MOT?

NHS Blood Pressure Check

A pharmacist will check your Blood pressure and depending on the result, they might give you healthy living advice, give you a blood pressure monitor to take home with you and return with later or advise you to see a GP

Optional BMI & Waist Circumference Measurement

Your pharmacist will weigh you and measure your waist circumference. Your height and weight are used to work out your BMI. Measuring your waist circumference gives an indication of your visceral fat, or the fat that coats your organs. These checks can help assess your risk of developing certain health conditions.

How it works...

Book an appointment

Book a FREE Health MOT appointment in-store or online with our pharmacy team. Find a store near you using our store locator and select ‘NHS Blood Pressure Check Service’.

Attend a personalised risk assessment

During your appointment, the pharmacist will take your blood pressure & offer to calculate your BMI, using your height & weight measurements and measure your waist circumference

Receive expert advice

Following your health check, the pharmacist will offer you advice & provide you with a leaflet with your results. If required, the pharmacist may refer you to your GP. For further healthy lifestyle advice, you can also take our Healthier You Review quiz.

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Under 40? Or, already had a

FREE Health MOT in-store?

If you're over 18 try our Healthier You Review, brought to you by Boots, together with Better Health (a brand from the Department of Health and Social Care). Get your personalised wellness score and support programme, find which areas you should focus on and healthy lifestyle tips to help support you.

1Subject to availability. Eligibility criteria may apply. Charges may apply.

Free health MOT available in participating stores, England only. Subject to availablity. The NHS Blood Pressure Check Service is for adults aged 40 years and over who do not currently have a diagnosis of hypertension. For adults under 40 that have a recognised family history of hypertension, may be tested at the discretion of the pharmacist and adults referred by the GP for the measurement of blood pressure. Waist circumference & BMI checks as part of the MOT are optional.

Subject to availablity. Delivery charges and prescription charges may apply.

 For those aged 18 years and over. The quiz is not a medical assessment; for advice about your health, please speak to a doctor or pharmacist.

At Boots we believe everyone should have easy access to health advice when they need it and Boots has information, from access to health services to lifestyle factors. And while you're here, have a browse of our tips surrounding nutrition, wellness, & more.