Northern Ireland COVID-19 Vaccination Services




If you are eligible for healthcare in Northern Ireland and are in an eligible cohort you can book a vaccination online for participating Boots pharmacies.  If you are not in one of the eligible cohorts, please do not book an appointment as it will be cancelled, and you will not be vaccinated.

Find more information on the COVID-19 vaccine and current eligible cohorts.

When booking your appointment, please complete all the required information fields fully detailing your full birth name, date of birth, full address, postcode and mobile phone number.  These details are required to register you for your vaccine.

Please note, when attending an appointment, you will be asked to:

•       Wear a face mask throughout the consultation (unless exempt)

•       Show photo ID

•       Show proof of date of birth

•       Show your GP authorisation letter for third primary dose of COVID vaccination (if this applies) 

•       Show your GP invite to vaccination if immunocompromised

•       If a Health & Social Care worker, show proof of employment such as a photo ID badge, payslip or letter from your employer on official letterhead.

•       Come alone. Please do not bring children, friends or other family with you unless you need assistance.

Do NOT attend if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive.

The pharmacy staff will check your details and ask you some questions for your safety before you get your vaccine – you should answer these as accurately as possible.

If you are attending the pharmacy with someone who is unable to answer these questions, you will need to answer for them. If you are unable to answer, we will be unable to give a vaccine and referral back to your GP will be advised.

You may be asked to wait for 15 minutes after your vaccination before you can go home.

Please note that appointment types are NOT interchangeable due to differences in the vaccine to be administered. Please ensure you book the correct vaccine type otherwise your appointment may be cancelled or rescheduled on the day.