When our founders, Jeff and Andy, got fed up with overpaying for men’s razor blades, they decided to make their own. The original mission was simple; to give customers a great shave at a fair price.

Now, Harry’s is even more than a great shave at a fair price. We offer a whole range of expertly crafted skincare products to hydrate, refresh and protect your skin.

Our men’s value razor packs have everything you need to get started, so you can shave more for even less.

Fancy trying something new? Try our Harry’s Foaming Shave Gel, a gentle, aloe-enriched formula to help soothe, hydrate and refresh your skin. Or keep your skin hydrated with our Daily Face Moisturiser with broad-spectrum SPF 15 protecting your skin from the sun’s rays.

…And if you need the best gift ideas for the guys in your life, our Harry’s Gift Sets are pretty perfect. Not that we’re biased.

A bit about our men’s razor blade:

Made in Germany with Swedish steel, Harry’s razor blade refills include 5 precision-honed edges that provide a close, comfortable shave. The razor blade lubricating strip provides essential moisture for a clean, hydrated finish. (Heads-up: Our razor blades are designed for your face and we don’t recommend them for head shaving).

Our men’s razor blade refills have a handy precision trimmer on the top, so you can shave around those hard to reach places like your nose, ears and sideburns. Plus, it’s really useful for beard trimming and sculpting if that’s your thing.

At Harry’s we engineer our men’s razor blades using a ‘gothic arch’ structure. This makes our razor blades sharp and guys who shave at least four times per week say their eighth shave with a Harry’s razor feels as smooth as their first.

At Harry’s, we know that when you’re looking after yourself, you feel your best. What’s more, every year, we set aside 1% of our sales to support our social mission to bring quality mental healthcare to men everywhere, including through donations to charitable organisations that share our ambition.