You’ll be feline fantastic for your Halloween party with this simple cat make-up look. It won’t take long to transform yourself into a witch’s familiar using products you probably have on standby.

Contour your clawsome cheekbones

Take a contour brush and draw your contour line in powder or cream from your ear to the apple of your cheek. Blend it out for a subtle, chiselled look.

Build up the colour

Brush a dark shadow onto your eyelids and under the lower lash line to begin your Halloween transformation. Darken the colour along the top and lower lash line to make your eyes look deeper. Line your eyes with a kohl pencil along the waterline to begin your cateye.

Purrfect your cateye

Line the upper lash line in liquid eyeliner. When you meet the kohl line turn it into a flick that finishes in a sharp point. Take a white eye pencil and use it in the inner corner of your eye and draw down to the bridge of your nose. Starting from the inner corner of your eye, draw a black line under the white pencil. Add a coat or two of your favourite mascara to your eyelashes to complete your eye make-up.

Colour in your cat features

Colour in the tip of your nose with black liner, then draw a line down to your cupid’s bow to start your muzzle. 

Draw three or four dots in eyeliner above your top lip, then add in your cat whiskers make-up by drawing them in the same eyeliner over your cheeks. Go over them to make them stand out more. 

Your cat nose make-up is now complete. 

Fill in your top lip in black eyeliner for a smile that’ll make you look like the cat that got the cream. Using a white eye pencil, outline the top of your lip and blur out the line slightly with a small brush. 

For your final step, pat concealer onto your bottom lip using a brush. This simple cat face paint works best with a cat ear headband and an updo to show off your clawsome costume.