Boots giftcards are perfect for Christmas, birthdays and special occasions! Buy our giftcards online now and have them sent to you first or straight to your friends and family, so they can hand-pick their favourite items in store.

Have a question about our giftcards? See our FAQs below. (Please note: giftcards can be redeemed in store only and cannot be redeemed online).


Where can I buy and redeem a Boots giftcard?

UK customers can purchase our giftcards online here or you can purchase them from our stores. Use the store locator to find your nearest store. Please see the back of the giftcard for full terms & conditions.

Boots giftcards are also available to buy from selected third-party retailers. They are redeemable in the same way as one bought from Boots and the same terms and conditions apply.

Can I redeem a Boots giftcard online?

Boots giftcards can be redeemed in store only and cannot be used to pay for online orders at present.

If you wish to order an item that is only available online and pay using a giftcard, you will be able to do this as an in store order at any Boots store. All you need to do is take the product code or product description to a member of staff at the tills and they can place the order for you using your giftcard as payment. 

How many Boots giftcards can I buy at once?

You can purchase a maximum of 6 giftcards in one go, perfect if you need to buy for several family members or friends. 

If you're a registered company and you'd like to purchase our giftcards in bulk for a business, school or local authority please visit our Boots Corporate Giftcard site or see our 'Can I buy giftcards in bulk for a business, school or local authority?' FAQ for more information. 

Can I buy Boots giftcards in bulk for a business or school?

If you're a registered company and you'd like to purchase giftcards in bulk on behalf of a school, local authority or business, you can do so on the Boots Corporate Giftcard site

Simply set up an account using the self-registration process. Once your account is activated you can purchase our giftcards in bulk. 

Our corporate giftcards can be used in store but are not redeemable online. If you have any queries in regards to Boots corporate giftcards, please call 0333 335 0419 or email

Can I choose how much to put on a Boots giftcard?

If you purchase a giftcard in store, you can add any value of your choice up to £250. For giftcards sold online, you can purchase from a minimum value of £10 up to £250.

Boots giftcards sold through third-party retailers are available in pre-loaded denominations or in a value of your choice from £10 up to £250 at selected retailers. Please check directly with them for more information.

How do I pay with my Boots giftcard in store?

You can pay with your giftcard in any of our Boots stores by presenting it to a member of staff at the tills or by scanning it at the self-checkouts. 

You can also use your giftcard on in store orders by taking the product code or product description to a member of staff at the tills who will place the order for you.

Our giftcards can be used for both full and part payment. 

How do I check the balance on my Boots giftcard?

To check the balance on your giftcard, simply take the card to your nearest Boots store and speak to a member of staff at the tills who will scan the card and provide you with the balance. 

Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our customer care team by calling 0345 1205677.

Can I top up my Boots giftcard?

Giftcards that are purchased in store can be topped up by taking them to a member of staff at the tills in your nearest Boots store. Giftcards bought online are currently unable to be topped up.

Will I collect Advantage Card points when I purchase or redeem a Boots giftcard?

You will earn Advantage Card points as normal when using your giftcard to purchase products across store, but you cannot earn points with a purchase of the giftcard itself.

Can I still use my 10% student discount when I pay with a Boots giftcard?

10% student discount can be used alongside a giftcard when purchasing anything available in our stores. 

Please note, student discount cannot be used on our in store ordering service and you cannot use your discount to purchase a giftcard. 

I want to return an item(s) bought with a Boots giftcard, how will I be refunded?

Refunds will be processed to the same giftcard that was used to pay for the items. If you no longer have the giftcard used to pay, stores may refund onto another giftcard or debit card at their discretion. 

Can I return an unwanted Boots giftcard?

Giftcards purchased from a Boots store or online cannot be returned and are not refundable. If you purchased the giftcard from a third-party retailer, please check directly with them. 

When will my Boots giftcard expire?

Giftcards will expire 24 months from the date of the last transaction. If you have any queries on the validity of your card, please contact our UK customer care team on 0345 1205677.

I have ordered a Boots giftcard online and I have a question about delivery

For queries about delivery of our online giftcards, please call our customer care team on 0333 335 0390 or email

If you have any further questions about Boots giftcards, please call our UK customer care team on 0345 1205677.

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