Garnier Garnier Moisture Bomb Night-Time Face Sheet Mask 32g

Super hydrating tissue mask to help repair skin barrier and soothe tired skin before bed. Enriched with deep sea water and hyaluronic acid.
Is Garnier Moisture Bomb Night-time Tissue Mask right for me? Does your skin look tired & feel worn out? Need a relaxing and skin boosting treat? Take 15 minutes before sleeping to relax, unwind and leave your skin feeling soothed & hydrated.

How is it different? This tissue mask is infused with an ultra-light moisturising formula, enriched with deep sea water and natural origin hyaluronic acid. Use before sleeping for a boost of hydration and instantly refreshed skin. 1 mask = 1 week of hydrating active*. *Equivalence in average Glycerin concentration in 7 daily applications of Garnier Rose Water Day Cream.
Suitable for tired and sensitive skin.
Proven effectiveness: In just 15 minutes: skin is intensely hydrated, skin feels soothed. skin feels nourished. By morning: skin appears refreshed, skin appears rested, skin complexion looks radiant.

Key Features