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NEW Multi-Active Day & Night

For refined skin texture, line-smoothing & a radiant glow

Introducing the NEW Multi-Active duo, clinically proven to fight the signs of stress on your skin*

Men and women today have a hectic pace of life. From lack of sleep and jam-packed social lives to emotional and physical stress, urban living takes its toll on our skin. When we add daily stress from work, financial commitments, and family life, our stress levels are higher than ever. Clarins has studied the impact of stress induced by an intense lifestyle on skin ageing, and named this phenomenon: stress-ageing.

What is stress-ageing?

Clarins Research has revealed 8 visible signs of ageing on the skin which are impacted by a hectic, busy lifestyle and daily stress:

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How is it possible?

Supercharged skincare from day to night, specifically designed to fight the 8 signs of Stress-Ageing with our new Skin Charger Complex: 2% niacinamide and our exclusive organic sea holly extract. A complete ritual for all skin types, to visibly smooth skin, reduce pores, even skin tone and boost radiance.

With New Multi Active Day and Night, signs of fatigue and stress are halved.*


Organic sea holly extract and niacinamide on a pink glowing backdrop
The innovation – a Clarins exclusive Skin Charger Complex

A unique duo of powerful actives to boost skin’s resistance (prevent) and fight the signs of early skin ageing (correct).

2% niacinamide 
Helps to smooth fine lines and contributes to improve skin’s texture and reduced pore size.

Organic sea holly extract
Helps to reinforce skin’s resistance and prevents the appearance of first signs of ageing.

Skin’s texture appears refined, with more even tone and radiance restored. Wrinkles are reduced by a third.*


Why day & night moisturiser?

The skin’s function is subject to something called chronobiology (chrono meaning time). This describes how the skin has different functions during the day and at night.

Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream on a pink podium with a pink glow behind it

During the day the skin’s main role is defence, protecting us from external aggressors linked mainly to our environment and our lifestyle (UV, pollution, stress, air conditioning, cold, heat, etc.). Its job is to act as an active shield. That’s why our day creams contain protecting ingredients such as Clarins exclusive Anti-pollution Complex and an optional SPF as well as specific ingredients like organic Teasel extract.

The Anti-pollution Complex includes organic white horehound extract to reinforce skins antioxidant defences, furcellaria extract to protect skin from dehydration caused by pollution, and nipplewort extract to help reduce oxidative damage.


Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream on a pink podium with a deep pink glow behind it

At night, the skin is mainly concerned with repair and renewal. Therefore, both Multi-Active night creams will contain ingredients that complement the night-time functions of your skin, like tetra-peptides, and help reduce over night water loss.

Using both a day and night cream ensures the skin receives the correct ingredients and care 24 hours a day.


New scents to de-stress

For the first time, Clarins has collaborated with Japansese expert fragrance house Takasago, to integrate relaxing molecules and an exclusive olfactive note with stressing relieving power, into the new Multi-Active range.

The Day scent energises and de-stresses, while the Night scent relaxes and calms to promote better sleep.

These new scents have also been clinically proven:

• The energising day scent has been clinically proven to reduce stress by 20%^

• The calming night scent has been proven to improve sleep quality by 41%^^

• These added anti-stress scents offer a unique, holistic benefit to the range

Discover Multi-Active Day & Night


*Clinical typology study commissioned by Clarins on 73 women aged 25 to 40 monitored for 6 months.

**Clinical typology study on 41 women aged 35 to 50 after 5 intense days.

^Index calculated from 7 stress-related items, self-assessment, France, 100 women from the first application of Multi-Active Emulsion.

^^Index calculated from 7 stress-related items, self-assessment, France, 100 women from the first application of Multi-Active Night Cream All Skin Types