Learn more about the Calpol® range

Calpol® is the UK’s bestselling children’s pain and fever relief medicine, trusted by parents for over 50 years.* The Calpol® range includesparacetamol and ibuprofen-based medicines that are all specially designed for children. From blocked noses to pain and fever, Calpol® is hereto help treat your little ones cold and flu symptoms and help them get back to themselves again.

Calpol® Infant Suspension

Calpol® Infant Suspension is gentle enough to use from two months, and it can provide gentle support for your baby’s first cold and immunisations. With its yummy strawberry taste, it can help relieve pain and fever during the day and night.


Calpol® SixPlus Suspension

For children aged six and over, try Calpol® SixPlus Suspension! Calpol® SixPlus is specially formulated for children aged six and over, with more than two times the strength of infant paracetamol and will help to relieve your child’s pain and fever.


On-the-go pain relief

Calpol® SixPlus Fastmelts melt in the mouth with no need for water, and can provide fast on-the-go relief from fever wherever you are.

Calpol® Infant Suspension and Calpol® SixPlus Suspension also come in sachets and start to work on fever in 15 minutes!


Calpol® Vapour Plug (non-medicine)

For those nighttime sniffles, try Calpol® Vapour Plug & Nightlight for a comfortable night’s sleep! It releases soothing lavender and chamomile vapours to create a relaxing night time environment.

Vapour Plug Refill Pads are available in a five and 10 pack. Each refill pad helps to clear and ease breathing for up to eight hours.



CALPOL® has a range of products that can be used to treat children’s coughs, colds, pain and fever. CALPOL® Infant Suspension can be used to provide gentle pain and fever relief for colds, teething and post-immunisation fever. CALPOL® SIXPLUS™ comes in a range of formats, is specially made for children six years and over, and can relieve five types of pain including headache, toothache, sore throat, earache, muscle aches and pains.

CALPOL® Saline Nasal Spray and Drops provide natural congestion relief, and help to clear, cleanse and calm noses. CALPOL® Vapour Plug & Nightlight is a plug-in device that emits soothing lavender and chamomile vapours and helps your child breathe and sleep comfortably.

CALPOL® Sugar Free Infant Suspension for infants two months (weighing over 4kg and not premature). CALPOL® SIXPLUS Suspension, CALPOL® SIXPLUS Fastmelts (for six+ years only). Contains paracetamol. For pain and fever. Always read the label.

CALPROFEN® Ibuprofen Suspension for infants three+ months (weighing over 5kg). For pain and fever. Always read the label.

CALPOL® Vapour Plug & Nightlight (from three months) to help with clear and easy breathing. Non-medicine. Always read the label.

CALPOL® Saline Nasal Spray (from birth). CALPOL® Saline Nasal Drops (from birth). For congestion relief. Non medicine. Always read the label.

CALCOUGH® Infant Syrup (for three+ months). Contains glycerol. CALCOUGH® Children’s Syrup (for one+ years). For cough. Always read the label.

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