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Your style. Self-defined. With 100% precision

Braun products for men. The fascinating fusion of design and function

Clean shaven, stubble, bearded, or all of the above – with Braun, you can explore your style with precision, however you choose to express

For ultimate performance

Series 9 Pro: Braun’s best shaver, now better. If you’re after the ultimate performance for a clean shave, the Braun Series 9 Pro is efficient and gentle in every stroke, no matter if it’s a 1-, 3-, or 7-day beard. The shaver features an innovative ProHead—5 synchronised shaving elements working together to capture more hair.

For a smooth shave

Featuring a 360˚ Flex head, the Series 7 adapts to every contour for a smooth shave. Along with the Series 6 and Series 5, the Series 7 comes with EasyClick, which allows you to upgrade your shaver— to a stubbler, beard trimmer, or body groomer—to handle more of your grooming needs.

For ultimate precision

Braun’s All-in-trimmers and Beard trimmers come with lifetime sharp blades that are are built to last. They also feature an AutoSensing Motor, which seamlessly adapts to your hair, giving you a smooth and even cut. Braun trimmers: ultimate precision for 100% control of your style.

For any style

Shave. Trim. Style. Body groom. Wet or dry. Get your hair looking like it should, whatever shape that takes. Shaped and sheared, wild and flowing, and anything in between: Braun Series X brings ease,
speed, and comfort in every stroke.

To help you get the perfect shave

Braun’s range of accessories ensure you have a perfect shave every day. Upgrade your Series 7, 6, or 5 shaver with EasyClick, to unlock new functionalities. Shop Braun’s SmartCare Center, which charges, cleans and lubricates your shaver in between uses. And, don’t forget to change your shaver head every 18 months to maintain your shaver’s maximum performance.

Which replacement part fits your shaver?


Braun are experts in precision shaving and flawless hair removal. Braun’s high-quality electric shavers and beard trimmers have been perfected over more than 50 years. For high quality men’s grooming devices and effortless female hair removal, Braun offer an incredible range to choose from.

Electric razors for men

The Series 9 is Braun’s most advanced electric razor for men and rated as the most efficient shaver worldwide when put to the test.* Braun’s intelligent AutoSense technology responds to the face’s contours while shaving to give their smoothest results to date. The Series 9 shaver can shave wet and dry and makes over 40,000 cutting actions every minute.

All of Braun’s shavers have pressure-sensitive blades to avoid irritation and potential shaving rash. The efficient cutting of Braun shavers avoids the need to go over the same areas of the face repeatedly and their flexible head glides easily around the contours of the face. A 5 minute quick charge gives enough power for one shave with the Braun Series 3 and its Smart Plug is adjustable to 100-240 worldwide voltages.

Braun’s replacement heads for foil shavers are recommended after 18 months to ensure their shavers continue to perform at their best over time.

Beard trimmers and grooming kits

Braun’s beard trimmers and men’s grooming kits are equipped with all the tools needed for beard styling and trimming. As beards are more and more fashionable, having the equipment to style beyond a stubble lets you stay on trend.

The Braun beard trimmer range feature a precision dial to choose from 39 exact lengths to get your desired facial hair look. They also include guards for long or short beards and an additional set to use the trimmers as men’s hair clippers.

Whether you’re dreaming of a groomed goatee or a rugged Viking beard with your Braun beard trimmer you can style and shape with ease.

*Tested on 3-day beards, vs. leading products in the premium tier. / Details:

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