Braun ear thermometers

The definition of fever changes with age*

Braun ThermoScan® 7 features the patented Age Precision® technology – an age-adjustable fever guidance that takes age into account to take the guesswork out of temperature measurement. Your family’s health is important to you, and Braun makes digital thermometers you can rely on.

Fast, gentle and easy to use

With an overall compact design, the Braun ThermoScan® 3 is fast, gentle and easy to use. It takes readings in just one second and helps interpret the temperature with its audio fever guidance feature.

Suitable for all ThermoScan® Ear thermometers

Fitting a new Braun Hygiene cap helps to avoid cross-contamination if replaced before each measurement. It also ensures that dirt or ear wax doesn’t build up and clog the sensor window, which could lead to inaccurate temperature readings.


*Herzog L, Phillips S. Addressing Concerns About Fever. Clinical Pediatrics. 2011; 50(#5): 383-390.