WoodWick® scented candles create multi-sensory experiences that add a personal, elegant finish to a curated home. Their stylish products combine carefully chosen raw materials and luxury craftsmanship. WoodWick® candles feature natural wooden wicks that create the distinctive soothing sound of a crackling fire, while fragrancing your home with sophisticated room-filling scents.

For a minimalist aesthetic, try WoodWick® Hourglass Candles. The iconic hourglass-shaped vessel with smooth wooden lid provides an understated finishing touch to your décor, regardless of the style or season.

Make a statement with WoodWick® Ellipse Candles. Their bold, curved shape makes an impressive centrepiece on a mantel or table, while their large scent throw fills each room with inviting aroma and their long, Hearthwick flame casts a warming glow over your surroundings.

For a layered, complex fragrance experience, WoodWick® Trilogy Candles combine three carefully chosen fragrances in one candle for a truly unique look and feel. As each layer burns, a new fragrance is released, so no one scent journey is the same.

Whether you’re searching for that perfect candle, or a special birthday gift to treat a loved one, WoodWick® gift sets make the most perfect choice. Beautifully presented and filled with thoughtful fragrance combinations, they’re ideal for even the most discerning of friends and family.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.