Chesapeake Bay Candle® has always celebrated a way of living centred in simplicity, natural beauty, and self-awareness. Long walks by the Chesapeake Bay’s open shoreline inspired a calm and tranquil attitude that brought perspective and relaxation to the busiest of days. These experiences coupled with a deep understanding of fragrance and design have inspired the Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body® Collection, which is infused with scents and essential oils that help to take you on a journey to
discover mindfulness and balance.

We encourage you to pause and let your busy mind rest for a moment, to find the joy and sense of pleasure in simple things we take for granted. Seek harmony in your daily life with the help of Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body®.

The 3 wick candle features multiple wicks for enhanced ambiance and is the perfect centrepiece for your in-home sanctuary space. The small tumbler candle provides up to 28 hours of fragrance and is the perfect size for taking a little peace of mind with you wherever you go. The medium tumbler candle provides up to 57 hours of fragrance and is an ideal size for creating a fragrance-filled haven in your home.

Be inspired by the mood evoking fragrances infused with essential oils and combined with a premium soy wax blend. The softly coloured frosted glass complements these aromatherapy-inspired fragrances and can help to create a peaceful environment with their colour and ambient glow when alight.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.