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Your baby’s safety is our first priority. Since 1976, we’ve been making parents’ lives easier, with award-winning baby products that combine safety, comfort & care. Suitable from birth, our entire range of soothers are tooth & skin friendly, helping to soothe babies and reassure parents, so that you can focus on the joy of being a family.

From orthodontic soothers to anti-colic bottles that take care of little tums, every product in the range is calming, nurturing and designed to mirror baby’s natural instincts. Plus, every MAM innovation is backed by rigorous scientific and medical know-how and testing.

What makes our products unique?
We believe in offering the most flexible solutions for expressing breast milk, which is why our two in one electric breast pumps also come with the manual attachment and are compatible with our full bottle range. We’ve also launched our first wearable pump: the Move, so mums can enjoy hands-free pumping.

Using the highest-grade silicone, the teats on our bottles, soothers and nipple shields feature 
Our special SkinSoft™ texture to provide a comforting and familiar feeling for babies. The symmetrical teat design mimics the shape of a nipple whilst feeding and allows baby to latch just as they would on the breast.

We are proud to offer the first self-sterilising bottle. With our Easy Start™ bottles all you need is 20ml of tap water and a microwave: and you can have a sterilised bottle in just three minutes. Perfect for on the go. Did we mention that they’re also anti-colic? The unique vented base regulates pressure balance and airflow in the bottle so babies can feed smoothly and without interruption.

• We are the first baby brand to create a self-sterilising baby bottle

• Our bottles are baby approved with 94% of babies accepting the MAM teat. Market Research 2009-2023, tested with 1,808 babies

• All of our products are 100% BPA and BPS free