How to choose the right soother for your baby

Every baby is unique

To cater to the varying needs of babies, we offer four different sizes, two different teat designs and six different shield shapes. We know this might be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve created this handy guide to help you choose the right MAM soother for your baby.

Explore the range and keep scrolling to learn more about each type of soother.

1. MAM Original

The much loved original

Our classic soother, the MAM Original is a tried and tested product that has been on the market formany decades and features our classic flat, symmetrical, orthodontic teat.

Available in a flat and symmetric orthodontic teat shape and the below four different shield shapes.


2. MAM Air

The skin-friendly and stylish soother

The MAM Air is designed with the same flat, symmetric orthodontic teat as the Original, but also features extra-large air holes so that baby’s sensitive skin can breathe (particularly helpful for very dribbly babies). The exceptional design allows parents to see their baby’s smile, even when using the soother.

Available in a flat and symmetric orthodontic teat shape and the below three different shield shapes.


3. MAM Comfort

Maximum comfort for newborns and premature babies

With its one-piece 100 percent silicone design, the MAM Comfort is particularly hygienic and light. The smallest teat of any MAM soother, the comfort’s soft material is extra gentle on newborn skin.

Available in an extra small orthodontic teat shape and the 0-2 months comfort shield shape.


4. MAM Perfect

Designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth

Sixty percent thinner and four times more flexible than any other soother on the market,* the MAM Perfect is a soother innovation. The especially thin and flexible teat neck allows a more natural mouth closure and was designed to further reduce the risk of misaligned teeth. This effect has been proven by a clinical study.

Available in an especially thin and flexible orthodontic teat shape and the below four different shield shapes.


5. MAM Night & Perfect Night

A gentle reassuring glow at night-time

Available in both our Original and Perfect ranges, the button on MAM Night & Perfect Night soothers glow extra bright at night-time, making them easy to find in the dark with little disturbance to your little one.


MAM soothers

Orthodontic – Developed with dentists and orthodontists. MAM soothers are symmetrical, soft, flexible and small enough to minimise their impact on oral development, whilst still satisfying babies’ sucking needs. Designed to always sit perfectly in babies’ mouths, whilst putting less pressure on their jaws – no matter how many times they are turned around.

More than just a soother – The SkinSoft™ teat is silicone with a difference: its silky soft surface resembles the feeling of mum’s soft skin. This familiar feeling means it is easily accepted by babies with a proud 94 percent acceptance rate.*

Skin friendly – Thanks to big air holes, curved shield shape and unique MAM dimples on the inside of the shield, MAM soothers are gentle on baby’s delicate skin. Every MAM soother is designed to provide enough room for little noses, so parents can rest assured, knowing that it’s always a perfect fit.

A clever curve – The curved shape of MAM soother shields is adapted to baby’s face shape to ensure optimum comfort. It is flatter for smaller babies and has a stronger curve for older babies whose facial features have become more defined.

Did you know – Many of the MAM soothers come with a self-sterilising travel case for easy and convenient sterilising on the go. Note: Please allow the product to cool before giving it to your baby.

MAM *Scientific reports from Wild Hi-Precision institute verify that the MAM Perfect’s teat neck is on average 60% thinner. A series of tests by the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna confirm that it is also on average 4 times more flexible than comparable soothers. (Between: 32-83% thinner and 1.1-19.5 times more flexible than normal silicone soothers). To verify please visit: **Market research 2010-2014, tested with 1,236 babies.