What is fermentation?

The fermentation process is a natural way to break down a substance into a simpler form, making it more powerful.

Fermented foods and their beneficial properties are known worldwide and those benefits can transfer perfectly into the world of skincare. The fermentation process allows skincare products to be more efficacious and much more absorbable to give you the best results possible, in an effective and natural way!

Why is fermentation great in skincare?

Fermentation is a natural booster that transforms ingredients into
powerful nutrients for the skin. We have been developing new
technologies to deliver skincare products that use the best ingredients from nature and naturally enhance them with the fermentation process to become more concentrated in our formulas.

What are the benefits for my skin?

Thanks to the fermentation process:
• Our fermented oils contain at least 10 times more essential fatty
acids* which are great for skin health
• Our fermented olive oil contains 50 times more Omega 6 and
Omega 9 fatty acids than unfermented olive oil
• Florena products have a powerful antioxidant function, which fights free radicals and strengthens the skin barrier

Which ingredients do you ferment?

In Florena we ferment active components from flowers known for their skincare benefits, such as camellia synesis and honeysuckle. We also ferment oils such as argan oil and olive oil, as well as natural active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E – derived exclusively from plant sources.


*Compared to unfermented oils