Florena Fermented Skincare is an exciting new brand which is committed to the use of natural ingredients and sustainable, ethical skincare. Fermentation is the beating heart of Florena Fermented Skincare.

What is fermented skincare? Fermentation naturally transforms ingredients into compounds that make them more powerful and concentrated. This process has enabled us to create eco-friendly skincare products such as face moisturisers and facial oils, which rejuvenate your skin using natural oils and flowers.

Our formulas are natural and vegan. Nature is the source of inspiration for Florena, and our vegan formula skincare range, which includes face masks and cleansers, contains carefully chosen oils and flowers such as camellia, honeysuckle, helichrysum and jasmine, for their naturally beneficial skincare properties. Our formulas are a minimum of 99.47% natural origin.

Our skincare range is certified Cosmos-Natural by the Soil Association. This internationally recognised standard ensures our products meet a criteria using a majority of naturally sourced ingredients with a few exceptions for product safety.

Florena aims to provide sustainable skincare by making use of natural, renewable resources and reducing the amount of plastic in our packaging where possible.