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Want to feel gut great?

There’s a Bio-Kult® for everybody. Find yours

A healthier, happier life starts with your gut

As the experts, we know good gut health has the power to boost immunity, lift your mood, improve digestion and help you feel generally more ready for whatever comes your way. So, if you’re looking for a simple, scientifically backed way to boost your body’s natural resilience, you’ve come to the right people.

The Bio-Kult® story

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For over 30 years, we’ve been developing live bacteria supplements that are proven to survive the acidity of the stomach. They’re designed for maximum power and resilience – to help you maximise yours.

We proudly shout that our research based products are of the highest quality and developed by outstanding professionals who are experts in the areas of nutrition, medicine, gut science, and microbiology.*

Today, Bio-Kult® is Great Britain’s Nr.1 and fastest growing live-bacteria supplement brand.** We’re also used in the NHS today.

Why choose Bio-Kult®?

• Supporting your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing

• Convenient and easy to use daily

• Proven to survive stomach acid

• Can be taken with antibiotics

• No need to store in the fridge


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**Source: Kantar FMCG purchase panel – Sales Values - Vits. & Mineral Supplements – Digestive Health – Great Britain, 52 w.e. 01/10/23)

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