A M E L I O R A T E ®



Frustrated with your skin concerns?

Ready for healthier-looking skin?

Familiar with the seemingly endless cycle of not finding what’s right for you?

Meet AMELIORATE®, the UK’s first skincare brand proven to visibly improve rough, dry, bumpy skin. Born from our founder Annette’s struggles to find skincare suitable for those with dry, rough and bumpy-textured skin, which was affecting her and her children.

When chemists combined lactic acid with allantoin, hydrolysed milk protein, serine, sodium lactate and urea, they discovered that the complex gently exfoliates and deeply hydrates to transform the appearance of skin. After rigorous development, trials, and testing, Skin Smoothing Body Lotion launched. It has won awards, gained dermatologically-approved, British Skin Foundation accreditation, and helps thousands of people with dry, rough, bumpy skin. With the overwhelming testimonials, we renamed it to Transforming Body Lotion.

A pioneering full range soon followed, providing treatments that form a complete skincare routine to deliver visibly healthy, radiant, smooth, and hydrating results for the face, body, and scalp. They support skin concerns including rough or dry skin, uneven skin tone, ingrown hairs, blocked hair follicles, blemishes and menopausal skin. We are dermatologically approved and clinically-proven. Suitable for children age 3+ and pregnancy-safe.

AMELIORATE® - free your skin confidence.