We’ve partnered with Smile Makers to help you unlock the wonders of the female orgasm. Thank us later

On a mission to break the taboo around female sexual pleasure, Smile Makers are here with their range of totally chic, pastel coloured vibrators.

Besides leaving you with a big smile, sex-perts believe that self-pleasure can bring a whole load of health benefits. From getting your heart pumping to helping you feel more relaxed, it turns out that having some ‘down time’ is actually really good for you.

Want to get on board? We don’t blame you!

Meet the brand that definitely live up to their name, and discover how you can reach mind-blowing levels of pleasure. After all, an orgasm a day keeps your frustrations at bay…

The Fireman

Clitoral vibrator with double stimulation (external)

Who doesn’t dream of going to bed with a hot fireman? Complete with a flame-shaped helmet, this vibrator is designed to intensely stimulate the clitoris and labia.

Going solo? Serve up some serious self-love by applying the ‘nose’ of The Fireman on your clitoris, then try covering your vulva with the whole flame for extra stimulation.

Having fun with your partner? Use The Fireman during foreplay or as an add-on to penetrative sex. Play with the four speeds (yep, you read that right!) and two pulsation modes to build up to the big O.

The Frenchman

Super-flexible and soft oral sex simulator (external)

Say bonjour to this game-changing vibrator. Complete with a soft and flexible head, The Frenchman mimics the effect of a tongue to help stimulate the clitoris, labia, back, breasts, inner thighs, neck (or just anywhere that makes you say ooh la la).

For a more realistic experience, lube up the tip of The Frenchman with Smile Makers Generous Gel and get lost in the moment. Play with four speeds and two pulsation modes (either alone or with your partner!) and take that French kiss to whole new heights.

The Tennis Coach

Gentle G-spot vibrator (internal)

Become a Grand Slam champ with The Tennis Coach – an internal vibrator designed to help hit your G-spot.

After stimulating the external part of the clitoris with the rounded head, insert the vibrator into the vagina with the rounded head facing the front wall. Explore the full court and experiment with four speeds and two pulsation modes to help find your G-spot. 15-love. 30-love. 40-love. G-ame!

Perfect for singles or doubles, go alone or ask your partner to use it while receiving oral sex. Anyone for tennis? 

The Millionaire

A classic and versatile vibrator (internal)

Want to experience a little luxury? It’s time to live the high life with The Millionaire – the top-selling, multi-talented vibrator.

Gently massage the clitoris for irresistible stimulation or insert into the vagina to help reach a mind-blowing orgasm. Whether you’re riding solo or using it with your partner, experiment with four speeds and two pulsation modes for an experience that’ll leave you feeling like a million bucks.

Nervous? Don’t be. This is the perfect pick for a first-timer.

The Surfer

Portable vibrator (external)

Ride the waves of pleasure with The Surfer – a compact bullet vibrator designed for clitoral stimulation.

Complete with little fins on the rounded head, this finger vibrator comes with three speeds and one pulsation mode, so you can enjoy orgasm after orgasm alone or with company.

Discreet and portable, The Surfer is an ideal travel companion while on the go. Who could resist this?

Say yes… yes… YES to Smile Makers’ lustworthy adult toys. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a self-love newbie, start reaping the physical and mental benefits of self-pleasure today.

Plus, for an even smoother experience, pair your fave Smile Maker with their water-based Stay Silky Serum.