From powder to bars, become a protein pro in one fell scoop

Welcome to the world of protein supplements. Once reserved for hardcore weightlifters who never left for the gym without their shaker bottles, adults of all ages are now downing flavoured concoctions to finish up their workouts.

Used to help build muscle, protein products come in all shapes and sizes. From powders to snack bars, what’s available continues to balloon-like a body-builder’s bicep. Looking to pack a little more protein into your diet? Let’s whey up your options.

Protein powder

Time to shake things up

Probably the most popular choice among fitness fanatics, protein powder can be easily mixed into pre and post-workout shakes and smoothies to help after a hard session. If shakes aren’t your thing, try adding your powder to your cooking and baking recipes for that extra punch.

Protein bars

Grab & go

If you’re a busy bee always on the move, protein bars are easy to pop into your bag for when you’re out and about. Perfect for a post-workout pick-me-up or a midday treat, they’re a super simple way to add protein to your diet. Be warned though, with more flavours available than we could possibly count, you may find it difficult to choose your fave!

Protein snacks

Tasty treat anyone?

When we say they’ve thought of everything, we weren’t lying. As well as bars, there’s plenty of power-packed snack options ready for you to try. From flapjacks to ready-to-bake muffin mixes, you’ll find something you fancy getting your teeth into. Thanks to protein coming from loads of different food sources, it’s easy to find vegetarian and vegan products too. 

Protein drinks

A hydration hit

If you’re looking for a workout boost, protein drinks can be a refreshing way to help get the benefits of your hard work. Many of the funky flavours available contain branched chain amino acids. Known as BCAAs for short, they’re thought to play an important role in exercise as building blocks for protein and muscle (how fancy!). 

Whether it’s a supercharged protein snack on the go or a post-workout shake, you’re spoilt for choice. Remember though, they're called supplements for a reason – they're add-ons, little extras, that are meant to work alongside a healthy, balanced diet. Always read the instructions carefully and take the recommended serving size.