Welcome to the mindfulness master class – it's time to relax...

So tell me, what is mindfulness?

We’re glad you asked. In a nutshell, mindfulness is just a fancy word for keeping in tune with what’s happening in the present – in our bodies, minds and surroundings. Focusing on being in the present helps us to forget the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings we may be experiencing about the past and future, and our reactions in what we do and see. As an added bonus, mastering mindfulness can help relieve stress and anxiety as we learn to connect deeper with our emotions – result.

How to practice mindfulness

To switch off autopilot and start making living in the moment a whole lot easier, we’ve put together some mindfulness tips and techniques to include in your daily routines. From spending more time outside to unplugging the phone that rings every five minutes, you’ll find oodles of inspiration. Don’t say we never do anything for you!

Nature's calling

Swap the sofa for the great outdoors. Spending time getting lost in the wilderness is one of the easiest ways to recharge – the freeing feeling just can’t be beaten if you ask us! Why not try mindful walking? Pick a route and pay attention to the little things like how your feet connect with the ground, and the smells and sights you encounter on your way. Stick to quiet areas in the open on your lunch break or in the evening. If you suffer from asthma, why not try mindful meditation in your garden?

Morning mindfulness meditation

Luckily for you, relaxation and mindfulness go hand in hand. And meditation is a big part of relaxing and mindfulness – it really is just that easy. Anyway, meditating regularly can help to relieve stress, and boost your overall wellbeing. Find a tutorial video and set up a studio in the comfort of your own home. Step it up a notch and treat yourself to Tisserand Aromatherapy Aroma Spa diffuser to create a fragrant atmosphere to complement your surroundings. Ah, bliss.

Digital detox

Hands up if you spend too much time on your phone? We see you – we’re guilty of mindless scrolling as well. Why not try setting yourself a time limit throughout the day, sleeping with your phone in a different room or unplugging altogether on weekends, giving you more time to really focus on the things that matter (you). Taking time to explore your thoughts and feelings is an important part of being mindful, and what better way to do so than soaking in the tub! Relax and replenish with Tisserand Aromatherapy Total De-Stress Bath Salts. Packed with calming essential oils, it’s perfect for a little me time.

Get lost in doing what you love

We all have that one passion that sparks joy inside us, whether it’s painting, baking or dancing. Whatever it is, we often lose ourselves (in a good way) in what we’re doing, and forget the things that once nibbled at us. Try your hand at something creative and see how your negative thoughts fall by the wayside.

And so the student becomes the master (of mindfulness). Spot of yoga anyone?

*A traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of the symptoms of mild anxiety. Exclusively based on long-standing use as a traditional remedy. Always read the label.