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Boob-like and brilliant, Tommee Tippee baby bottles are loved by babies and their parents

Tommee Tippee baby Bottle range

Here to support you – whatever your feeding journey

Our baby bottle range is inspired by what babies love most: mum. With a breast-like teat, our baby bottles flex like mum and feel like mumbecause babies prefer it that way.

Closer to Nature Baby Bottles

Shaped like a breast and feel like a breast, because babies prefer it that way.

1- Latch guaranteed

2- Breast-like teat

3- Naturally anti-colic value

4- Wide neck

5- 3 way easy hold

6- Available in Glass, Silicone and BPA-free plastic


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Advanced Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

Tommee Tippee anti-colic bottles use the most breast-like teat ever combined with powerful anti-colic technology to draw air out of your baby’s milk.

1- Breast-like teat

2- Advanced venting system

3- Wide neck

4- Heat sensing technology

5- No leak star valve

6- Available in 150 & 260 ml bottles


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Loved by mums and babies, our, easy latch-on, breast-like teat feels closer to skin and mimics the natural flex and movement of a mum’s breast for a comfortable feed. 95% of mums reported that their baby accepted the soft silicone teat with skin-like feel and would recommend to others.††

Which flow rate do I need?

We offer different flow rates to keep up with your growing baby. Every baby is different but as a guide we suggest slow flow for 0+months, medium flow for 3+months and fast flow for 6+ months. Closer to Nature teats are only compatible with Closer to Nature bottles.

How often should I replace the bottle teats?

We recommend changing your bottle teats every two months and you should change them immediately if they’re damaged or weak.



*Based on 2021 study of 524 parents who use Tommee Tippee bottles.

††Based on 2021 study of 524 parents who use Tommee Tippee bottles.