Device for facial health

8-in-1 device with percussive therapy, microcurrent, LED and cleansing

From Therabody, the pioneer in percussive therapy comes a revolutionary all-in-one device for ultimate facial health for everyone.*

Percussive therapy

Percussive therapy, now optimised for the face. TheraFace PRO comes with three percussive attachments – Flat, Cone, and Micro-point. Percussive therapy massage helps increase circulation and provides relaxing effects.


Microcurrent uses low-level electrical voltage to stimulate muscles and results in the temporary tightening, toning, or contouring of the targeted muscles which often leads to the appearance of reduced wrinkles. Microcurrent must be used with a conductive gel.

LED light therapy

LED Light Therapy is a facial treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light to stimulate the skin. TheraFace PRO offers 3 LED light therapies; Red Light, Blue Light, and Red + Infrared Light.

• LED Red Light therapy – Reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes

• LED Blue Light therapy – Reduces the appearance of mild to moderate acne

• LED Red + Infrared Light therapy – Reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes & provides therapeutic warming


Percussive-based cleansing is a powerful yet gentle, enhanced cleansing to remove pore-blocking debris and dead skin.

How to use TheraFace PRO

Hot & Cold Rings

Powered by Cryothermal Technology™

Complete your routine with add-ons (sold separately)


*Use in accordance with user manual: