Continuing our joint ambition to tackle hygiene poverty

Hygiene poverty can have a huge effect on young people in schools. In fact, eight in 10 teachers have noticed an increase in the number of pupils going to school with poor hygiene.*

How can hygiene poverty impact school children?

School teacher, Jordan Crawford, talks to Boots about hygiene poverty and how donations from Boots UK and The Hygiene Bank are supporting children and their families.

“Hygiene poverty can have a knock-on effect on children’s confidence, which is one of the foundations to success at school,” says Jordan. “The donations from Boots and The Hygiene Bank have been a massive help in alleviating these anxieties. It’s been an amazing feeling handing donations over to parents, and they’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity.”

Watch the video below to find out more about how Boots and The Hygiene Bank are helping support schools.

Lucy Reynolds, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Boots UK, explains why Boots’ partnership with The Hygiene Bank is so important. “It plays a huge part in tackling hygiene poverty for local schools,” she says. “At Boots we want as many children as possible to have access to the hygiene products they need as they return to the classroom.

“We’re proud to say we’re helping children get hold of those all-important toiletries, including face masks, hand wash and sanitiser,” Lucy adds. “We’re really thankful to our colleagues and customers for the incredible support over the past year in making this happen.”

Helping children learn about hygiene poverty

At Boots, we want to help young people understand the importance of hygiene, and how they can support people living in hygiene poverty in their own communities. That’s why we’ve worked alongside The Hygiene Bank to design educational resources for parents and teachers to help young people understand hygiene and hygiene poverty.

Download our educational resources for primary and secondary school pupils to help keep the conversation around hygiene poverty going.

The Hygiene Bank is a registered charity in England and Wales (number: 1181267) and Scotland (number: SC049895).

*Source: In Kind Direct, 2017