Sustainability at Boots

Here at Boots, we believe that healthy communities need a healthy planet. Find out what we’re doing to keep our planet beautiful.

As a leading health and beauty brand, we want to inspire change and lead the way towards a more sustainable future.

We put the welfare of our customers, team members, suppliers, communities, and the planet we live on at the heart of our decision-making.


Our ambition

The state of our health depends on many things, and one of the greatest of these is our environment. We want to work together on big environmental challenges to create better conditions for good health in the UK.

From physical health to mental health, by protecting the planet, we will build the foundations for more resilient communities where everyone can live a longer, happier life. 

Perhaps the greatest change we can make is in inspiring positive actions by our customers, suppliers and our partners. Working together, we can act every day to scale up our collective impact.

We know that what we want to achieve is no simple task. We don’t have all the answers, but together we can make an impact. To start with, we’ll focus on our Bootprint, managing our sustainable operations and activities. We’ll also work on our products, helping customers feel good about the purchases they make. And finally, we’ll collaborate with our customers and communities, inspiring people to be agents for change. Remember that no contribution is too small, and every step counts.

To achieve our goals, Boots UK has signed up for the following:

• UK plastics pact: Meaning that by 2025, 100 percent of our owned packaging will be reusable/recyclable or compostable

• Food waste reduction roadmap: Meaning that by 2030, we will have reduced food waste by 50 percent

•​​​​​​​ BRC climate roadmap: Boots UK committed, along with other retailers, to be completely carbon neutral by 2040, 10 years prior to the government’s legislation

Our 'Be More' edits

Our ambition is bigger than just Boots, and we can't achieve it on our own. That’s why we’re joining forces with you to help you make little switches so you can ‘Be More’ sustainable.

Whether you’re shopping for beauty, toiletries or wellness, we want to empower you to be an agent of change. We want to increase your choice and be more transparent, so you can make informed decisions that are right for both you and the planet. So, if you see a product with one of the following symbols, it could help you be more sustainable.

Be More Plastic Free

These products have met our zero plastic packaging criteria for primary and secondary packaging, while also ensuring the packaging is recyclable.

Be More Recycled

These products contain at least 30 percent recycled plastic content and/or are recyclable via the majority of kerbside recycling collections.

Be More Reuse Ready

These products are designed for re-use or re-fill.

Be More Vegan

These products are vegan-friendly, meaning they don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Be More Cruelty Free

These products carry the Leaping Bunny logo and are certified as cruelty-free by Cruelty Free International. They don’t test any ingredients on animals at any point during the development process.

There are a number of complex issues and aspects that can impact the sustainability of a product, which can be pretty confusing to navigate. That’s why we picked out a few to help you on the way to more sustainable living. While we haven’t captured all the environmental factors here, all these products have met our minimum standards for being part of this range, and we’re committed to ensuring these continue to evolve and progress.


Recycle at Boots

We’re also supporting our customers and team members in becoming agents of change by recognising that many of the products we sell are not yet recyclable via kerbside.

Whether the product is too small for detection or features a different type of plastic, we’ve created our own recycling scheme. This means you can keep the planet beautiful throughout the whole lifecycle of the products you buy in our stores. You can read all about our recycling scheme here.

Remember – we’re on this journey together for a more sustainable future, and each small change will ladder up to creating a healthier planet for everyone.