Our partnership with The Hygiene Bank

Give the gift of clean

Soap & Glory have partnered with The Hygiene Bank since 2020 to help tackle hygiene poverty in the UK, and with your support have donated over 70,000 products so far to the charity through their donation campaigns, including body wash, shampoo, conditioner and wipes.

What is hygiene poverty?

Hygiene poverty is being unable to afford the everyday items most of us take for granted. One in five people in the UK are locked in poverty, having to choose to heat their home, pay rent, eat or be clean. Not being able to feel clean not only has a crippling impact on an individual’s self-esteem, but also limits educational and career progress.

Everyone has the right to a dignified life and that’s why Lizzy Hall, Boots’ 2019 Woman of the Year, created The Hygiene Bank – a similar concept to a food bank, but for hygiene, beauty and personal grooming products. Not all superheroes wear capes…

What is The Hygiene Bank?

The Hygiene Bank is a grassroots, people-powered charity, grounded in community. Their network of banks exist to ensure those living inpoverty have access to the basics. This is about dignity, self-confidence and mental wellbeing. They believe that feeling clean should not be aluxury or a privilege in the modern world and so they work to inspire social change.

The Hygiene Bank has a network of 340 volunteers (and counting!) across the UK who collect toiletries and re-distribute them to local charities.

They collect new, unused and in-date toiletries, hygiene basics, beauty and personal care essentials – including deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, make-up, nappies and laundry detergent.

How else can I help?

If you’d like to get involved with this amazing charity, why not make a donation? There are lots of other ways you can help to support The Hygiene Bank; you can drop off at selected Boots stores across the country – or find a different donation point by checking out The Hygiene Bank’s website.


The Hygiene Bank is a registered charity in England and Wales number: 1181267 and Scotland: SC049895