The rolling stone you can keep in your beauty cabinet

Get on a roll with the latest skincare tool to top the beauty charts. Not only is it good enough to snap and share on social media (have you ever seen a more beautiful beauty tool?), it could also provide some pretty big benefits to your skin.

The jade roller is an ancient-meets-modern concept designed especially for facial massage. As the name suggests, it’s a roller made out of jade (no surprises there, then), a precious stone which has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese practice.

It’s amazing for massaging your face and you can keep it in the fridge to give a cold and refreshing twist to your daily DIY facial.

The benefits of using a jade roller

Jade rollers are made especially for facial massage. We love an at-home facial massage because it can help increase blood flow and circulation, leaving you with gorgeously glowing skin.

Daily massage with a jade roller can stimulate your skin and help kick-start the renewal process – always good news in our book!

Your jade roller can also help when it comes to reducing the appearance of puffiness, especially first thing in the morning. We love helping to perk up our puffy peepers thanks to an under-eye massage with a cold jade roller!

Get the best out of your jade roller

You can use your jade roller on its own or with your favourite skincare to help apply the product.

To use your jade roller by itself, start with clean skin and simply roll over your face and neck in gentle upwards, downwards and sideways motions. Start in the centre of your face and roll outwards for best results (and because it feels amazing).

If you’ve got a double-ended jade roller, use the larger end for your neck, forehead and cheeks, and the smaller roller for around your eyes and lips. Ahh, bliss! Follow up with your favourite skincare products and you’re good to go.

Alternatively, apply a few drops of your favourite serum, moisturiser or facial oil to your jade roller and gently massage it into your skin until it’s all been absorbed. We like to do this at night time as part of our relaxing skincare regime.

Don’t forget you can also keep your jade roller in the fridge – use it after a nice warm bath for a facial that’s straight out of the spa.

Beauty just got all rock and roll.