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Hair removal

The freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want

Sensica hair removal

Whether you embrace it or remove it, we’re here to support you in achieving your beauty goals. Salon-quality hair removal results from the comfort of your own home? Yes please! Our technologies provide you with boosted confidence toward you and your wonderful body.

Sensilight PRO

Looking for a device that delivers on accuracy and overall treatment size? With the cordless Sensilight PRO, you really can have the best of both worlds.

Sensica offers pain-free hair reduction solutions to leave skin silky smooth for longer than shaving or waxing.* It’s specifically created to deliver professional salon results. Sensilight PRO is powered by the latest Reactive Pulsed Light Technology (RPL™) to eliminate growth at the hair follicle and ensure a comfortable pain-free experience.**

For the ultimate bespoke treatment, select the 4.5cm2 treatment window for large areas and the 2cm2 wide precision tip to tackle precision areas like the face, bikini line or underarms. No more skintone colour chart guesswork. The Sensilight PRO detects this automatically to recommend the correct energy level for you. Say hello to bespoke treatment sessions with unlimited flashes!

Sensilight PRO review^: “I love it. It’s so comfy to hold and I really enjoy the fact that it’s cordless. Iuse it for my face and my whole body!” – Sharon M

Sensilight MINI

Seeking smooth and hairless perfection from home? Your search is officially over – welcome to the Sensilight MINI.

Concerned that the compact size means a lack of results? Think again. It’s specifically created to deliver professional salon results (without the hefty price tag). Clinically proven for at-home use, the innovative Reactive Pulsed Light Technology (RPL™) takes performance to the next level, offering lasting results.††

It’s lightweight and yet still equipped with one of the largest treatment windows (3cm2) for faster, more convenient sessions. The double safety sensors continuously read your skin conditions for the perfect comfortable and safe treatment experience.

Sensilight MINI review^: “As a swimmer, not having to shave every other day is priceless!” – Rachel S

Sensilight before & after

Back after 12 treatments

Armpit after 12 treatments

Chin after 12 treatments


*In a study of 40 participants, 96% of the users reported the treatment with Sensilight to be pain free with no significant side effects. 3 months post last treatment showed dramatic reduction of 71.2%. All patients showed a positive clinical response to treatment, with reduction of unwanted hair.

**Selective absorption of light beam by the melanin chromophore in the hair shaft, causes heat injury to the surrounding follicle. The localised thermal damage (which includes pluripotential follicular stem cells) eventuates in follicular unit destruction and reduced hair growth.

^Review taken from Sensica website users.