Energise your soul

The Ritual of Mehr collection, infused with uplifting sweet orange and warming cedar wood, has been designed to energise your body and soul and leave you radiating happiness.


The Ritual of Mehr Foaming Shower Gel is uplifting and will energise your body and soul. Fresh and zesty sweet orange, bursting with vitamin C, is renowned for its skin-beautifying benefits, whilst soothing cedar wood has a stimulating woody aroma and its essential oil, derived from the majestic cedar tree, will soften and soothe your skin. The unique gel transforms into a rich and luxurious foam when it comes in contact with water, leaving your skin feeling silky and soft.

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Give your home a burst of positive energy with The Ritual of Mehr Scented Candle. Celebrate the light, warmth and the bold and bright energy of the sun and bring happiness and vitality to your everyday life. Infused with energising sweet orange and soothing cedar wood, this scented candle treats you to up to 50 hours of burning time. The soothing and warm aroma adds a natural and stylish touch to your home.

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