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We ask the taboo health & wellbeing questions so you don’t have to

Catch up on previous episodes from Season 5

S05 E01 – Is anything in sex taboo anymore? (Featuring Olivia Attwood Dack)

Has social media and platforms like OnlyFans ushered in an era of sexual freedom and enlightenment… or exactly the opposite? In this episode, Vogue is joined by Olivia Attwood Dack, presenter of Getting Filthy Rich, the ITV documentary series investigating the online sex economy. They’ll deep-dive into taboos around sex – everything from sex work, toys and kink-shaming, to sexting and live cams – answering the question: “Is anything in sex taboo anymore?”

S05 E02 – The Penis Bible, featuring Anna Richardson and Dr Anand Patel

The brother episode to S03’s ‘The Vulva Bible’, here we investigate all things penis – from the very basics, such as how to keep things clean, to the more complicated and therefore more taboo issues, such as concerns around size, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. Vogue is joined by Naked Attraction and Naked Education host Anna Richardson, as well as men’s health and sexual function expert Dr Anand Patel, to answer all the penis-related questions you’ve been too scared to ask.

S05 E03 – Conversations about cancer: How to talk about the Big C, featuring Coleen Nolan and Michelle Heaton (Available 9 August)

Talking about cancer is still a big fat taboo, despite most of us having been affected by it in some way. Yet, it’s only through open and honest conversations that we can ask for and offer support, foster better understanding, and come to terms with whatever the situation may be. Here, Coleen Nolan discusses how she has dealt with multiple diagnoses in her family and Michelle Heaton explains how talking about her preventative double mastectomy helped her to process that choice. Azmina Rose, Macmillan’s Trust Lead for Cancer Patient Experience, is on hand to offer expert advice and guidance.

S05 E04 – Puberty: The hardest years of life? Featuring Paul Sinha & Verona Rose

This episode offers a tongue-in-cheek, frank and informative look back at puberty. Guests Paul Sinha and Verona Rose join Vogue to reveal their most important, embarrassing, and momentous puberty memories, including haywire hormones, changing bodies, excess hair in unusual places, crushes on everyone, dubious style decisions and thinking no one on the planet understands you. What do they wish they’d known then that they know now?

S05 E05 – The 4th trimester: Getting to know your postpartum body, featuring Gemma Atkinson and Marie Louise

Congratulations, you’ve just had a baby! So… now what? The term ‘the fourth trimester’ covers the 12 weeks immediately after giving birth. The time when, after having just been through one of the most exciting – and frightening – physical experiences possible, you’re handed a baby and some giant maxi pads, and sent on your merry way. In this episode, actor and broadcaster Gemma Atkinson reveals her experience of the fourth trimester after giving birth to daughter Mia in 2019. We also have ‘The Modern Midwife’ Marie Louise on hand to provide expert insight on everything from mastitis and lochia, to constipation and nipple creams. Together with host Vogue, Gemma and Marie will help you get to know your postpartum body.

S05 E06 – Burnout: How to know when enough’s enough, featuring Ruby Barker and Dame Kelly Holmes 

Decision-fatigue, hypervigilance, a loss of interest or pride in work, a feeling of being constantly swamped and overwhelmed: these are some of the signs of burnout. In this episode, Olympian Dame Kelly Holmes and Bridgerton’s Ruby Barker discuss their personal experiences of burnout – how it manifested, how it affected their personal and professional lives, and how they managed it.

S05 E07 Bonus Episode – Women's health over 40: What to expect, featuring Kate Lawler and Dr Nighat Arif

What no-brainer health hacks should all women be doing when they hit their 40s? What is happening in your body and why – and what does that mean for things like exercise, diet, sex, teeth, skin, hair, nails, gut health, and so on? Kate Lawler and Dr Nighat Arif will join Vogue to discuss how women can best look after all aspects of physical and mental health in their 40s and beyond.


Taboo Talk is a podcast series by Boots hosted by Vogue Williams that cuts through the jargon to provide real health and wellbeing advice in an accessible and entertaining way. Each episode focuses on one aspect of physical or mental health, providing personal insights as well as expert takeaways. Taboo Talk won’t shy away from tackling the more awkward, embarrassing or serious parts of everyday life.

We ask the taboo health and wellbeing questions so you don’t have to.

Vogue Williams is an Irish presenter, DJ and fitness fanatic. She’s currently a regular guest presenter on Channel 4’s The Steph Show, has her own TV series: Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too and co-hosts two podcasts: Spencer & Vogue (with husband Spencer Matthews) and My Therapist Ghosted Me.

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