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Top tips to help you rest & relax while you’re expecting

Being pregnant is hard work (you’re growing another person after all!) and your changing body deserves a break. So, it’s time to unwind and focus on yourself with these pregnancy pick-me-ups…

Put your feet up

If your baby bump is taking its toll on your feet (those things you can’t see right now!), give them a bit of pampering. Try the HoMedics Foot Spa, an indulgent treat for any mum-to-be. It features two different pedicure attachments, multiple massage settings and four bubble strips to create a relaxing sensation between your toes – bliss!

Treat your tresses

Reach for gentle but effective haircare products during pregnancy, such as the Grow Gorgeous Intense Hair and Scalp Mask. It will help reinforce the scalp’s natural protective barrier and revive flat and lacklustre locks.

Show your skin some love

Tired, stressed skin? Burt's Bees are at hand with a host of skincare products to help you during your nine-month stretch. Take time out to moisturise and nourish your bump as it grows to keep skin soft and supple.

Treasure your ZZZs

Try to get as much sleep as possible before baby arrives and leaves you craving more slumber. Consider going to bed a little earlier or taking a much-deserved weekend nap. You may want to spritz This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray  onto your pillows to help you drift off faster and wake up refreshed.

Get set for self-care

There’s nothing better than a long, hot bath when you’re wanting to switch off. And the gorgeous aroma of My Little Coco Baby Mama Nourishing Bath Soak is a welcome addition. Find a calming playlist and light your favourite candle to create the ultimate luxurious haven. Thank us later!