It’s time for a contact lens 101. Let’s get to grips with the basics

From classic aviators to cat eyes, we all love a fashionable frame. But did you know that almost all eyesight prescriptions can be corrected with contact lenses? Why not give contacts a go and start enjoying a more active and flexible lifestyle, without your trusty frames.

Who can wear contact lenses?

Almost everyone! Easy to wear and easy to use, contact lenses are suitable for people with a whole range of prescriptions – even children.

A whopping 98 percent of glasses wearers could try contact lenses, so whether you’re long-sighted, short-sighted, wear varifocal lenses or have an astigmatism, chances are there’s a lens that’s right for you or your child.

What are the main types of contact lenses?

We’ve all heard of dailies, but what about the other types? Your Boots optician will help you choose the lenses that are best suited to you and your lifestyle, but the main types of contact lenses include:

Daily disposable lenses

The ultimate choice for convenience and flexibility, daily disposables are super-low maintenance because they’re only worn once. Once you’re done with them, help save the planet using our contact lens recycling scheme.

Why not consider Boots Dailies or Avuvue Oasys 1-Day Contact Lenses?

Monthly replacement lenses

Ideal for everyday use, reusable lenses need to be cleaned with contact lens solution so they’re ready to be worn the next day. With prices starting at £4.50 a month (that’s just 15p a day!), these are a great purse-friendly option for daily wear.

Extended wear lenses

Want to fall asleep and wake up with clear vision? Extended wear lenses could be the right choice for you. These lenses can be worn both day and night, and can last up to one month. They’re great for people with super-active lifestyles, military personnel, people with binocular vision and more.

Multifocal lenses

Struggling with long-arm syndrome? It could be presbyopia (aka age-related long-sightedness – a condition most of us will experience around the age of 40).

Multifocal lenses help you to see objects near, far and in-between by mixing different prescriptions into one lens. Smart, right? Learn more about multifocal lenses and presbyopia here.

When can I wear them?

It’s super-easy to make contact lenses part of your everyday routine – soon enough it’ll be like brushing teeth.

Most lenses can be worn all day (and some can even be worn overnight too), but why not enjoy the best of both worlds? Try mixing things up by wearing contact lenses for a natural look and glasses for a more sophisticated style.

Love playing sports? Whether you’re a novice or pro, contact lenses give you the freedom to really focus on your sport. Unlike glasses, contact lenses won’t slip down your face when you’re sweaty, they won’t get in the way of helmets or headgear and they could reduce the risk of an eye injury from broken glasses during rough sports – a triple win!

How comfortable are they?

If you’re worrying about contact lenses being uncomfortable, don’t. Lucky for you, contact lenses are more comfortable than ever before, and most people say they can't even feel them once they’ve got used to them – you can’t argue with that.

Many of our lenses are:

Breathable – this is good for your overall eye health.

Hydrating – this helps keep your eyes moist throughout the day.

Complete with UV protection – this helps to prevent sun damage.

Book an appointment

It’s never been easier to get started with contact lenses, simply book an eye test and contact lens trial with your local Boots Opticians and join the thousands of people enjoying a frame-free life. At your test we’ll check your vision and the health of your eyes, then recommend the best contact lenses for you. Simply book online or call 0345 125 3752.*

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