Olay Vitamin C + AHA 24

Clearly brighter looking skin in just one day, hydrates for up to 24hours*

Vitamin C + AHA 24 collection

Life has never been more unpredictable, or full of different experiences to embrace. It’s these moments that empower us, so having the strength to #FaceAnything inside out is key. The Olay Vitamin C + AHA24 range is based on a supercharged formula that evens skin tone for a clearly brighter skin in just one day. The formulation is science-backed with vitamin C combined with AHA and niacinamide to ensure vitamin C works at its best, providing 24-hour hydration, so you can be ready for each day with visibly brighter skin.

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C helps to brighten your skin while helping to even out your skin tone, making vitamin C one of the most talked about skin care ingredient in the UK. To maximise toning benefits for your skin quickly, it is important to inhibit the transfer of melanin on the skin's surface while trying to reduce the over production of melanin, something which vitamin C alone struggles to do.

Why Olay’s Vitamin C + AHA24?

Olay’s skin brightening product combines a mixture of vitamin C, niacinamide and AHA. Our low pH Niacinamide reduces melanocyte activity and melanin transfer to the skin surface to help even skin tone, while the AHA helps peel away the skins surface to improve texture and reveal even more pigmentation, all the while allowing vitamin C to brighten and protect the skin. #FaceAnything with Olay’s next generation vitamin C + AHA 24 collection. Two powerful products for everyday skincare: a serum and day cream.

Hydrates, clearly brightens, evens skin tones

Use Olay Vitamin C & AHA to hydrate, brighten and even skin tone, with clearly brighter skin in just one day. Our low pH formula super charges niacinamide for game changing tone, texture and brightening benefits, while delivering active ingredients up to 10 layers deep into the skin surface. Your gorgeous skin will be thanking you after taking our 14-day challenge when it is visibly more even, proven on all skin tones.


*P&G Internal Clinical Data 2021. Contact ukcontact.im@pg.com for verification.

**Bestselling number 1 claim, P&G Internal Clinical Data 2021. Contact ukcontact.im@pg.com for verification.