Understanding your pain

Learn more about head pain, body pain & kids pain below

We know that not all pain feels the same. That’s why Nurofen has developed a wide range of products that are formulated to help you best manage your symptoms. Whether you’re looking for quick relief or something that lasts longer, the information here should help find the product that’s best suited for your pain.

Head pain
Fast pain felief

How they work: Nurofen Express Liquid Capsules* contain a soluble form of ibuprofen that’s immediately released in the stomach. This results in faster absorption that provides faster pain relief than standard ibuprofen.***

• Unleash the speed of liquid – releases ibuprofen in the stomach immediately for fast pain relief

• Starts getting to work in 10 minutes**

• Absorbed twice as fast as standard ibuprofen tablets .***


Body pain

Common kinds of body pain includes: knee & hip pain, shoulder & neck pain, joint pain and back pain

Effective pain relief

How they work: Ibuprofen within the Nurofen Medicated Plaster is directly dissolved in the sensitive adhesive of the plaster. This provides targeted relief from muscular pain and tenderness for 24 hours.

• 24 hour pain relief

• Flexible and shapes to fit the body

• Easy to use

• Contain ibuprofen, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties


Kids pain

Common kinds of kids pain includes: fever, teething, cold & flu, headaches and aches & pains

Fever & pain relief

How it works:
Nurofen for children contains Ibuprofen, which works to inhibit the enzyme that causes pain being felt. It also reduces fever. Nurofen is available in a range of formats such asLiquids, Chews or Meltlets to suit your child’s preference.

• Starts to relieve fever in just 15 minutes for up to 8 hours

• Fast and effective relief of fever, cold & flu and teething

• Nothing relieves fever for longer – day or night***



Nurofen Express 200mg Liquid Capsules, Nurofen Back Pain 300mg Sustained Release Capsules. For pain relief. Nurofen Joint & Muscular Pain Relief 200mg Medicated Plaster, For pain relief of muscular strains or sprains close to the joint of the upper or lower limb. Nurofen for Children 3 months to 12 years Strawberry Suspension. For pain and fever relief. For children from 3 months and weighing over 5kg. Always read the label. RB-M-87071

*If you have a headache / for symptomatic relief.

**Refers to absorption.

***For verification, please contact PO BOX 4044, SLOUGH, SL1 0NS