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The No7 x AllBright SHEcovery Course Collection

No7 has partnered with AllBright to create the No7 x AllBright SHEcovery Course Collection, giving women access to career tools and resources, to help them in their working lives.

No7 and AllBright share a common belief that when women come together to support each other, they have the power to be unstoppable.

AllBright is the leading global careers network for women, marrying digital-first resources and tools with physical spaces, to support women looking to connect, learn and thrive in their careers. No7 partnered with AllBright to create a dedicated digital programme, offering women the chance to supercharge their career, wellness and network. Together we want to unlock every woman’s inner potential, helping them get back to work.

The No7 x AllBright SHEcovery Course Collection will consist of seven courses of talks, advice, worksheets and inspiration to help women fulfil their potential. Check back in as courses come online.

Welcome to Unstoppable Together

A unique and resourceful series of short courses brought to you by the No7 x AllBright SHEcovery Course Collection.

It’s with this shared motivation that our toolkit, a collection of career tools and relevant resources, have launched to support women and No7 employees to begin their she-covery.

On this website, you’ll be able to access these seven short courses. Each consists of a collection of bitesize video segments, worksheets, additional resources and a free downloadable workbook.