Uniquely restores hair proteins for visibly healthier hair, find your formula below

Restore your hair’s lost proteins in one use

Through cutting edge science, inspired by nature’s powerful ingredients, Nexxus are pioneers in protein repair. Through powerful formulas and PROTEINFUSION™ blends, damaged protein bonds are restored and hair is left strong, smooth and with natural movement.

The Nexxus system

Restore your hair’s lost proteins in 2 steps.

Protects hair during its most vulnerable stage & prepares for conditioning

Hair is at its most vulnerable when wet and therefore needs protection during the cleansing step. Our Aqueous Lubricating Polymer attaches itself to hair fibres protecting the surface during the rinsing process, effortlessly detangling hair and reducing breakage without weighing hair down. All our shampoos are silicone-free. Custom crafted, they cleanse and replenish nutrients within, rebalancing hair to an optimal state, primed for a rich conditioning next step.

Restores the hair protective barrier, leaving it smooth & detangled

Our conditioners have been purposefully crafted to restore hair’s protective barrier, sealing in nourishment to leave the hair fibre smooth without coating strands in unnecessary residue. At Nexxus, we use targeted micro silicones in our conditioners that intelligently deposit only where they are needed on the hair fibre, so hair is not overloaded.


*With shampoo and conditioner use.