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Not tested on animals

All our products are 100% not tested on animals.

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Natural origin ingredients

All our products are made with at least 90% natural origin ingredients.*

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100% vegan

We also create 100% vegan formulations, so no animal derived ingredients or by-products.

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Fully recyclable

All our packaging has a sustainable purpose with eco-conscious formats. Our packaging is made from a minimum of 30% recycled materials (where possible) or FSC card, designed to be fully recycled at kerbside or via our recycle at Boots scheme.

INCI decoded

We believe in being transparent with our ingredients, so we have listed a description of each function included in our products to educate our customers.

Taking up water- and/or oil-soluble (dissolved or finely dispersed) substances.

Help to improve the product performance, stability, or appearance.

Preventing agglomeration of particulate solids into lumps or hard masses (cohesive cake), thus allowing free flow of particles.

Stops oxidation by inhibiting free radical reactions.

Providing adhesive properties during and after compression in cosmetic tablets and/or cakes.

Non-reactive (chemically inert), solid ingredients that dilute other solids and/or increase the volume of cosmetic products.

Forming complexes with metal ions which could affect the stability and/or appearance of cosmetics.

Exclusively or mainly intended to colour the cosmetic product, the body as a whole or certain parts thereof, by absorption or reflection of visible light; (precursors of oxidative hair colorants shall be deemed colorants).

Acting as lubricants on the skin surface providing the skin with a soft and smooth appearance.

Helping suspensions or dispersions of liquids in a second liquid by reducing the surface tension of the substances to be emulsified.

Helping the process of emulsification and improving emulsion stability and shelf-life.

Producing (upon application) a continuous film on the skin, hair or nails.

Imparting an odour or taste. Creating a perceivable pleasant smell and/or masking a bad smell.

Retaining and/or preserving the moisture in a product during use.

Reducing transparency or translucency of cosmetics.

Used for perfume and aromatic raw materials.

Maintains correct pH for optimum product function.

Exclusively or mainly intended to inhibit the development of micro-organisms in the cosmetic product.

Maintaining the skin in good condition.

Solubilizes other ingredients so they can be mixed into a formulation.

Stabilize the products and prevent undesirable changes.

Helping suspensions or dispersions of liquids in a second liquid by reducing the surface tension of the substances to be emulsified.

Wetting body surfaces, emulsifying or solubilizing oils, and suspending soil (generally, such ingredients contribute to the foaming and lathering properties of cleansing products).

Exclusively or mainly intended to protect the skin and/or hair against certain UV radiation by absorbing, reflecting or scattering UV radiation.

Increasing or decreasing the viscosity (thickness) of cosmetics.

Increase the thickness of a product.