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Discover the #1 bestselling CC+ Cream in the US*

Meet your CC+ Cream family!

Discover our bestselling Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream, the product everyone’s talking about. It’s your anti-ageing, full-coverage foundation that also includes sun protection with SPF40 or 50. It’s colour-correcting with a lightweight, hydrating texture that instantly improves the look of your skin, reducing the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, redness, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Plus, it’s available in Original, Illumination and Matte formulas! Find out the difference between each of them below.


*#1 prestige CC+ Cream in the US based on The NPD Group/ U.S. Prestige Beauty Total Measured Market, Makeup Product Sales, January – December 2020. https://www.itcosmetics.co.uk/static-pages/terms-conditions.html