Good hair day, anyone?

There’s no denying it. We all want salon-worthy hair, but without the salon-worthy price tag. The good news? We’ve nabbed some time with a select set of industry legends who are sharing the secrets to lush locks – namely their haircare must-haves that are under £10.

From blonde specialist Hanna Karlsson’s top beauty buy to help minimise damage to black hair maestro Mimi Koné’s bargain-but-brilliant conditioner for perfectly hydrated coils, read on for all the expert-approved haircare products that cost less than a tenner.

Hanna Karlsson, blonde specialist and co-founder of G&H Hair London

Blonde hair (and coloured hair in general) tends to be more brittle and prone to breakage. Hanna shares her ultimate hero product for protecting and preserving delicate strands.
“When you’re wearing your hair up, it can pull and tug, causing friction, so it’s vital you don’t use any old hair tie,” she shares with us.

“I always tell my clients to invest in a silk or satin scrunchie that keeps damage to a minimum. As the material is soft and slippery, it’s much more gentle on the hair, saving it from snapping and breaking. It’ll also help keep your style sitting perfectly for longer as it’ll reduce kinks and creases.”

Portrait of Hanna
Hanna’s hero hair product under £10

Try: Kitsch Satin Sleep Scrunchies, £6.50

• Contains five scrunchies

We’re sure these pretty pink scrunchies will become your nighttime necessity. Simply tie your hair up in a loose, protective style (a plait or bun works well) and wake up with gloriously smooth, beautiful hair. If they’re good enough for Hanna, they’re good enough for us. 

Ricky Walters, celebrity hairdresser and founder of Salon64

Do you rush through your hair brushing routine after washing it? Unsurprisingly, it’s a big no, no.

“Hair is most fragile when wet,” says Ricky. “So many of us try to plough through knots and tangles using a brush that’s just far too harsh. Although a simple suggestion, a great wide-tooth comb can be transformative to your routine. I like to use mine for carefully detangling hair, while the conditioner is left to soak in, as well as for breaking up ringlets after using a curling tong.”

Portrait of Ricky
Ricky’s hero hair product under £10

Try: Boots Basic Detangle Comb, £1.50

• Made from 30% recycled materials

• 100% recyclable packaging

Basic by name, but definitely not basic by nature, this wonder comb is a dream for its ability to carefully detangle damp hair. For a gentler technique, start by combing from the bottom up to help minimise breakage and damage.

Mimi Koné, founder of luxury black hair salon Mimi et Mina

Coily, curly or afro hair? You’ll no doubt already know how important hydration is in your haircare routine.

Coily hair constantly needs moisture due to its texture and curl pattern, so deep conditioning once a week is essential,” says Mimi. And you don’t need to spend a fortune. “I like to use something like Pantene’s Gold Series conditioner after shampooing. Simply wrap your head with a shower cap, let it sit for 10 minutes or so and rinse for added moisture and easier styling.”

Portrait of Mimi
Mimi’s hero hair product under £10

Try: Pantene Gold Series Moisture Boost Hair Conditioner, £5.99

• Size: 250ml

• Sulphate-free

Infused with argan oil, this wonder conditioner helps moisturise and detangle in one fell swoop. Massage its nourishing formula into sections, starting from mid-lengths, gradually working it into strands until fully saturated. The results? Super shiny, bouncy locks.

Carlos Ferraz, celebrity hair stylist

Love a sexy, tousled ‘do? Carlos Ferraz shares the hero product needed to get the look that’s become synonymous with his style.

“Creating an undone, textured hairstyle has become my signature go-to,” explains Carlos. “The best way of achieving that is by using a great texturising spray that will finish tonged waves perfectly. For clients that have fine or naturally straight hair that doesn’t hold much, I’d apply a good spritz before heat styling too.

“A good trick for an even more natural and effortless look (and to save time in the morning) is creating waves in your hair before bed, then blasting hair with texturising spray in the morning.”

Portrait of Carlos
Carlos’ hero hair product under £10

Try: Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray, £7.99

• Size: 200ml

• Vegan-friendly

• For fine, flat hair

For serious oomph, look no further than this texturising spray from Charles Worthington. A blast through freshly tonged hair helps give serious volume, and we’re delighted to confirm that it’s totally non-sticky and leaves locks beautifully soft to the touch.

Dionne Smith, celebrity hair stylist and Cantu education expert

Thorough cleansing is often the key to a good hair day. So, it’s no wonder that Dionne’s top pick is a great shampoo.

“I love a nourishing shea butter shampoo as a cleansing staple, as it gently cleans hair while ensuring it remains soft and manageable before conditioning. My hero hair product is one of the originals from Cantu, a must-have prep product for a good wash day routine.”

Portrait of Dionne
Dionne’s hero hair product under £10

Try: Cantu Shea Butter Sulfate-Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo, £7

• Size: 400ml

• Sulphate-free

• Silicone-free

• Cruelty-free

Ideal for curly, coily, kinky or wavy hair, this shampoo is a dream for clarifying and removing product build-up. Simply lather up and let the infusion of shea butter get to work. Repeat for the ultimate in cleansing. Obsessed, us? Absolutely. 

All prices correct at date of publication