From ‘tantouring’ to faux freckles & applying blush before foundation, we put TikTok’s most hyped hacks to the test

A scroll through TikTok provides all the summer beauty inspo we’ll ever need. From time-saving tips to ways to step outside our colour comfort zone, injecting a bit of fun into our make-up routine is no more than a swipe of a fingertip away. 

Which trends are actually worthy of the hype though? Health and Beauty’s digital editor Ayesha Muttucumaru and digital writer Rachael Martin, (who are both self-confessed professional social media scrollers on top of their day jobs), tried eight of the biggest summer beauty TikTok hacks – from the basic to the brilliant and everything in between – and provided their honest opinions about which ones are really worth trying. 

Here’s how they got on…

Fluffed-up brows

Fluffed-up brows are going nowhere fast, and there are numerous gels and pomades out there to help achieve the look. Here though, we’re using soap (yup, it’s a thing) to achieve it with minimal effort.


Take Pears Pure & Gentle Transparent Soap and spritz a little water over the top. It’s important not to oversaturate it so you get the hold you’d like to achieve. Take a spoolie and rub it across the soap until you see a foaming paste forming. Brush through the brows in an upwards motion (at a slight angle rather than straight up), being careful to coat all of the hairs. 

Ayesha’s thoughts

"I’m not usually one for brushing up my brows, but was pleasantly surprised by the look and they stayed sitting pretty all day long. I’d say less is more when it comes to using soap though – a hard and frozen look is not the one!"


We all know about contouring, but have you tried ‘tantouring’? The vibe? Using your fake tan for semi-permanent sculpting in the quest for a more bronzed (and snatched) face. 


Take a small contour brush and dip it into your fake tan. Something with an olive base like St Moriz Professional Medium Tanning Mousse is flattering for an array of skin tones. Apply your tan down the sides of the nose, under the cheekbones, across the jaw and over the hairline. Leave to develop and you’re good to go. 

Rachael’s thoughts

"I was actually pleasantly surprised! I’m putting this down to the fact I used a brush for precision and really took my time. I’ll definitely be tantouring again!"

Just-kissed lips

A super pretty, just-kissed pout is trending. This look is a slightly smudged take on your normal lipstick application, and, as the name suggests, it’s supposed to look like you’ve just been kissed. Cute!


Apply a lipstick like, e.l.f. Glossy Lip Stain, using the tip of your index finger – simply press and roll across your pout and then blot with a tissue. And just like that, you’ve got a beautiful (and low maintenance) soft focus colour. 

Ayesha’s thoughts

"I actually really love this look. It feels very soft and romantic! Plus, it’s easy to apply and part of the beauty is that it doesn’t need to be perfect, which means I can eat and drink anything I fancy without having to worry about it smudging my pre-smudged lippie. I call that a victory! It also works well with a Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturising Lip Colour Balm (I love Broadest Berry) or Maybelline SuperStay Vinyl Ink Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick (Unrivalled is my go-to) for a more pigmented, longer lasting finish."

Faux freckles

Freckles are super cute, so it’s no wonder that we’re all getting in on the act. The latest way of achieving the look according to TikTok? With a brow gel. Who knew?


Take 17. Precise Definition Tinted Brow Gel and tap gently onto a clean fingertip. Apply by tapping your finger across your nose and cheeks and you’re done!

Rachael’s thoughts

"Minimal effort is needed to see a difference. It took seconds and stayed perfect all day long. It also helps to break up your make-up if you’ve gone a little heavy on the foundation."

Lit-from-within blush

Ah, that elusive lit-from-within glow we all want to achieve. Turns out, it may be easier than we think. Enter the ‘backwards blush’ technique where you apply blush before your foundation. 


Take a damp beauty blender and apply Revolution Fast Base Blush Stick, across the apples of your cheeks and across the nose. You can also apply it straight from the bullet if you’re feeling brave! This is a deeply pigmented cream, so is perfect for a dramatic finish. Follow by applying a hydrating base like a tinted moisturiser on top for extra glow and then blend, blend, blend using the chunkier end of your beauty blender.

Ayesha’s thoughts

"I loved how this made the apples of my cheeks pop! Although it looks a little bizarre initially, the finished look is a beautiful, radiant flush. I’ll definitely be trying this again!"

Neon nights

Eyeliner has had a revamp. We’re saying goodbye to blacks and browns in favour of bright and beautiful flashes of neon – think electric blues and highlighter yellows. 


Simply take Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Sapphire and sweep from the inner corner of the eye to the outer, finishing with a flick. Apply in one deft, sharp movement, and clean up any wobbles with a concealer. 

Rachael’s thoughts

"This look is super fun! It’s amazing how something so minimal can transform my usual look. It’s modern and fresh – perfect for summer."

Sweat-proof spritz

The aim of the game here is applying a spritz of setting spray before you apply your make-up, not after. 


Instead of using primer, spritz Barry M Fresh Face Matte Setting Spray all across your complexion, then apply your make-up as usual. Mattifying sugar kelp extract and balancing niacinamide help minimise the look of sweat and excess oil. 

Ayesha’s thoughts

"This look really did have staying power! I put it to the test over a particularly hot weekend and found my make-up stayed looking fresh all day long. I’d recommend giving this a go." 

Body bronze

Not one for fake tan? Tiktok has reminded us of the joy of a ‘glowing bod’ without the faff. 


Mix a small amount of Revolution Molten Body Glow with your favourite body moisturiser. Then, apply where you’d like a touch of radiance, like across the collarbone, down the neck and over the shoulders. Layer and build for a more dramatic finish. 

Rachael’s thoughts

"I’m obsessed! I don’t like anything too glittery, but mixing the body glow with my moisturiser gave my skin a subtle, sheeny finish. Less is more to avoid stickiness!"

The Takeaway

Our finishing thoughts? We found each of these hacks easy, yet brilliant ways to update our make-up routines in time for summer. The best ones had to be the lit-from-within blush and the just-kissed lips for Ayesha, while Rachael was all over the neon liner trend. TikTok, you impress us once again.