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How to do plaits

Grown up braids tutorial

Plaits are back, and they’re more sophisticated than ever. Brought to you by Boots Health and Beauty Magazine, we show you how to rock some of the prettiest and edgiest braid hairstyles this summer. Now, let’s braid!

How to do a back-to-front plait

“This look is perfect for transforming a bad hair day and disguising greasy roots,” says celebrity hairdresser Andrew Jose. “It’s also a great way to stay cool, as it keeps the hair back and away from your face.”  Difficulty rating: 3/5

1. Brush hair to one side and section off the front ‘fringe’ section.

2. Divide this piece of hair into three and begin braiding the hair, crossing the left and right strands under the middle piece, instead of over.

3. Add small sections of hair each time you cross a piece under the middle strand, and continue braiding until you reach the ends.

4. Pull the plait round to the back of your head. Secure with a snag-free band and pin into place with hair grips.

5. Pull the rest of your hair over your shoulders and you’re done!

Plait hack

“Brush hair first – knots will mess up the braids,” says Andrew. “Then apply a light mousse to the loose hair, to give a messed-up texture.” We’ve got a whole range of hair mousses available for you to choose from. 

How to do a braided ‘hun’

“This style works brilliantly on frizzier hair, as it helps to keep flyaways in place,” Andrew explains. “Make sure you prep with hairspray, to prevent the longer layers dropping out.” Difficulty rating: 4/5

1. Divide the top section (from crown to forehead) into three. Tidy away the sections you’re not braiding with a snag-free band to stop tangles.

2. French braid each section in turn, adding a small piece of hair into the middle from each side as you go.

3. For the two outside braids, stop plaiting when you reach the middle of your crown. Secure with two small bands, but continue to braid the middle plait all the way to the end, and tie with a clear band.

4. Gather the loose ends of the outer braids and twist them up and around into a bun. Wrap the middle braid around the base and secure
with grips.

5. Add body, grip and texture to the rest of your hair with a spritz of dry shampoo and you’re good to go!

Plait hack

“Add body to the rest of your hair with a dry shampoo,” says Andrew. “Apply from mid-lengths to ends and distribute with your fingers